Is Sour Cream Keto? – Keto Diet Questions Answered

A common question for people on a keto diet is, “is sour cream keto or not?” To answer this question, you must first understand what a keto diet is. A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, extremely low-carb eating...

Is Hummus Keto? – Keto Diet Questions Answered

With its gooey goodness and rich flavor, no dip can beat a balanced, creamy hummus. While chickpeas impart their earthy flavors, lemon juice gives them a slight tartness. But for the hummus lovers who have switched to...

Are Grapes Keto? – Keto Diet Questions Answered

Someone struggling to calculate macros during a keto diet will naturally wonder which foods are keto-friendly. One such question is: are grapes keto? However, before moving to the answer, let’s refresh your memory about this particular diet. A...
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