The 15 Best Automatic Soap Dispenser For Your Home in 2022

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Automatic soap dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser provides a better way of washing hands and follows the World Health Organization’s strict guidelines on the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, these dispensers are also efficient in preventing contamination when you want to clean your hands. As such, It can dispense when you trigger the sensor, giving you the ideal amount of liquid soap to wash hands properly.

The Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

Our team has gathered the best automatic soap dispensers on the market, and you can upgrade your handwashing experience to a touchless soap dispenser. Besides, you will also find them perfect for household and commercial use.

Here are the best automatic soap dispensers in 2021

1. Secura 17oz/500 ml Premium Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

This Premium Automatic Dispenser can handle an exceptional 500 ml of liquid soap with its large capacity and relatively small footprint. The transparent soap chamber also allows you to see when it is getting close to needing a refill. There is a silicone seal that protects the battery compartment, even though it is not entirely waterproof. Furthermore, if you want to wall-mount the dispenser, you can use the hole in the back of the unit for that. The best part is you have the chance to customize the amount of soap it dispenses.


  • Good soap visibility
  • Wall-mountable
  • Adjustable soap amount
  • Large capacity


  • Not waterproof.

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2. Umbra Otto Soap Dispenser

Umbra dispenser

Umbra Otto is a high-gloss finish soap dispenser with an elegant downward curving, slim shape, and a sleek free-standing design if you are looking to prevent drips and minimize clogging. Besides, it has a stylish yet simple look and comes in a nickel or black color. As a result, you would want to have this unit in your kitchen due to its clog prevention technology. It is also worth having around because it reduces mess and wastage with its drip prevention system.


  • Fantastic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Clog prevention technology


  • It is not ideal for foaming hand soap

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3. S-Y Automatic Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

The S-Y Soap Dispenser is perfect for your kitchen or washroom with its 300 ml capacity. Moreover, the unit only requires a two-second induction as it operates on infrared sensors and boasts touch-free dispensing. In addition, it gives minimal waste as it dispenses 1 ml of soap each time. The manufacturer designed it using waterproof, long-lasting ABS material. They also secure the circuit board with the rubber base, preventing the container from slipping.


  • Easy to refill
  • Compatible with many soaps
  • It has no drip
  • Touch-free automatic


  • Low dispensing

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4. Simpleone Touchless Soap Dispenser


Philippe Taglioni designed Simpleone Automatic Soap Dispenser, and it is a stylish option that comes in liquid silver or arctic white finish. In fact, it has a silicone valve that helps avoid clogs and prevents them from dripping. It boasts a good battery life that you can use for about one year from four AAA alkaline batteries, even though it has only 230 ml capacity. The dispenser displays how much soap is left through a built-in windowed slot. The product is ideal for any cleaning solution, including sanitizer, shampoo, or liquid soap.


  • Non-drip design
  • Attractive
  • Energy efficient


  • Users may not be able to adjust the soap quantity
  • The capacity is 230 ml

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5. Mefaso Soap Dispenser


Mefaso Soap Dispenser comes with a sealed 250 ml soap dispenser, a rechargeable battery, and steel nozzle, infrared motion sensor to offer users a touch-free foaming machine. Besides, it has a rechargeable battery, and they designed it with an infrared motion sensor. Moreover, a USB cable for charging and an anti-slip mat for your kitchen are part of the set. It has a 0.2-second foaming solution and is compatible with many hand detergents, lotions, or sanitizers. Furthermore, the unit also boasts a non-slip silicone sticker that prevents it from falling. It is ideal for countertop use with the waterproof IPX3 container.


  • Drip-free
  • Anti-slip sticker
  • Contactless foaming
  • Rechargeable


  • The charging capacity can be improved

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6. LAOPAO Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

If you want an automatic soap dispenser with foaming soap, we recommend going for LAOPAO Soap Dispenser. In addition, you can enjoy the fun of it without having to use any speciality soap. Besides, this touchless soap dispenser will foam even a bit of purified water applied to regular liquid hand soap, and it is perfect with a foaming hand sanitizer. Moreover, the dispenser can pick on movement within 1.2 inches from it through its motion sensor, and it is over 11 inches tall. You may need to buy three AAA batteries this unit uses.


  • See-through soap holder
  • Compatible with hand sanitizers
  • Use with regular soap


  • It does not include batteries

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7. BEYOND CREATION Premium Foaming Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

Another hygienic, touch-free automatic soap dispenser is the BEYOND CREATION Premium Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser. Besides, it has an elegant design, and any aromatherapy experience will find it perfect for holding essential oils. As a result, it dispenses soap in about 0.2 seconds with minimal noise using its single sensor button that activates within two seconds. Furthermore, the unit comes with a high-efficiency pump, a rubber shock absorption structure, and a unique gear design. Moreover, the manufacturer used the non-corrosive and durable ABS material to make it, and it has a 250 ml capacity.


  • High-efficiency pump
  • No-touch sensor
  • Durable
  • Space for aromatherapy tablets
  • Easily replaceable battery


  • It does not have a robust sensor

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8. Sunsbell Wall-Mounted Sensor Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

Sunsbell Sensor Soap Dispenser has 600 ml capacity, comes with a one-year warranty, and low battery indicator. In fact, this soap dispenser is one of the popular and best on the market. It reduces the danger of toppling over and falling and is perfect for wall installation. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about frequent refills when choosing this product because its liquid container can hold 20.2 oz. of soap. As a result, this soap dispenser is one of the most reliable and durable, and you can tell when you need more soap refill with its transparent reservoir.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Large capacity
  • Low battery indicator


  • No volume control

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9. Fangsky Soap Dispenser


One of the standout soap dispensers on our list is Fangsky Soap Dispenser, with its soap foaming solution. In fact, it boasts a fast-dispensing and clog-free system, easy to use, and energy saving. Moreover, if you have kids around, your best choice is Fangsky. The dispenser will pour foaming soap into your hands efficiently, and it is also perfect for diluting the water with soap. Its infrared sensor can detect movement from two inches away. In less than 0.26 seconds, it will dispense soap onto the palm when you put your hand under the nozzle.


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Compatible with many solutions
  • Low power consumption
  • It works on three batteries
  • It reduces wastage by 50 percent


  • It can be challenging to clean
  • It can hold less amount to dispense

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10. Slicillo Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

If you want an automatic soap dispenser with a small footprint and ergonomic design, we recommend getting Slicillo Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Besides, it is lightweight due to its stainless steel body. Moreover, it also boasts a volume control solution that allows users to adjust the soap portions from 0.5 ml to 3 ml. You can only operate this dispenser with 4 AAA batteries. Its responsive infrared sensor has a 0-2.36-inch detection range and a one-year warranty. However, one major issue with this product is that users cannot check the soap level since it does not come with a transparent scale.


  • Adjustable soap volume
  • Sleek design
  • Small footprint


  • It can be tricky to check soap level

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11. TOPPIN Automatic Soap Dispenser


TOPPIN Soap Dispenser has three soap modes with one motion detector and helps to keep things simple without compromising performance. Furthermore, it gives users the choice of switching to their desired mode, based on the amount of soap required and the number of guests. The battery section is on the top of the unit. In fact, this dispenser is efficient. Therefore, placing it on the countertop won’t result in any chance of damage. It has an LED indicator that comprises green and red lights.


  • Safe for kids
  • Waterproof
  • Clog-free nozzle
  • Durable
  • Open top battery compartment


  • Speed may vary
  • Difficult to clean

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12. Hanamichi Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

Hanamich Automatic Soap Dispenser has a precise and fast sensor response, ABS + PC plastic body, enhanced more, and a one-year warranty. Its silver and free-standing structure make it ideal for big families. In fact, the dispenser runs on 4 AAA batteries and boasts around 0.5 to 3 ml of efficient volume control. In addition, it has an improved motor that ensures accurate liquid dispensing and smooth flowing every time it detects a hand.


  • Adjustable volume
  • Light plastic body
  • Precise and fast sensor


  • It does not work well with thick soap

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13. PAOPOW Soap Dispenser


PAOPOW Soap Dispenser is designed with environmentally-friendly ABS material. It has an automatic, transparent, and refillable battery. Furthermore, the dispenser has infrared technology and has 330 ml capacity with a precise and swift motion detector and activates in 0.2 seconds. It also keeps the space clean with its non-drip valve. In addition, the dispenser has an anti-slip mat that protects the battery and circuit box from water.


  • Touch-free
  • Optimal capacity
  • Compatible with other liquids
  • Transparent exterior
  • Enlarged opening


  • Thick soap clogs pump

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14. ADKO Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

ADKO Automatic Soap Dispenser comes with a mounting kit with a low battery indicator. Moreover, if you have a big family, you will find this model perfect. It is also ideal for commercial use. The black hints on the top of the silver stainless-steel frame give this unit an industrial appearance. However, it also requires installation as an automatic wall-mounted dispenser. The dispenser requires 4 AA batteries. However, it does not have volume control.


  • Comes with a mounting kit
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • Has a large capacity


  • It has no volume control

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15. Nozama Soap Dispenser

automatic soap dispenser

Ease of use and cleanliness are the two factors that determine Nozama Soap Dispenser. It delivers reliable and safe output through this model by fulfilling these criteria. This dispenser is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, or office. As a result, you will love the dispenser’s stainless-steel construction, featuring a glossy surface through its metallic appearance. Furthermore, the battery has a capacity of 9.46 ounces that can last many weeks. You can also fill this dispenser with dish soap or hand sanitizer.


  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless-steel body
  • Compatible with various liquids
  • The capacity of 9.46 ounces
  • +/- switch


  • No battery indicator
  • Large objects block the sensor

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What to Look for In Automatic Soap Dispensers?

Some of the features to look for in a soap dispenser include:

  • Chimes
  • Non-slip base
  • Mounting
  • Waterproof
  • Materials
  • Batteries
  • Clear reservoir
  • Display
  • Foaming models

Other critical aspects worthy of consideration when buying a soap dispenser are:

  • Warranty
  • Easy refill
  • Detection distance
  • Size
  • Adjustable dispensing
  • Versatility
  • Sensor

Why Is An Automatic Soap Dispenser Better Than A Regular One?

One of the advantages an automatic dispenser has over a regular soap dispenser is that it ensure no cross-contamination between repeated uses since it is a touchless device. However, many traditional soap dispensers can accidentally pump out too much soap, leading to unexpected waste. An automatic soap dispenser will prevent that since they will only dispense a specific amount of liquid soap solution each time.

In addition, it is easy to maintain an automatic dispenser, and a regular dispenser can leave residual soap in the holder. Ultimately, if you want to add to the style quotient of your kitchen, you will achieve that with an automatic dispenser.


Touchless automatic dispensers are the ultimate solution if you are a hygienic-conscious person. One of the best soap dispensers on the market is Secura’s Premium Automatic Soap Dispenser, as it offers a hands-free and automatic solution, keeping your hands clean and protecting you from pathogens. However, we recommend Simpleone Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser if you want the best battery life and LAOPAO Foaming Soap Dispenser for the best foaming dispenser. For the best value, you can go with Fangsky Soap Dispenser.

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1. How Long Do Automatic Soap Dispensers Last?

Many soap dispensers can last for about a year, and users can replace them if they use their dispensers for high-volume buildings.

2. Are Refillable Soap Dispensers Sanitary?

Refillable soap dispensers can leave your hands with about 25 times more bacteria after washing. As a result, they are contaminated with bacteria.

3. How Does the Sensor Soap Dispenser Work?

The sensor soap dispenser works by placing your hands before the sensor under the nozzle to wash your hands.

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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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