Writecream Review: Create Content That Converts

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Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by Mandy Schmitz

Writecream review
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Content writing is often a rough path to tread. As a content creator, my daily writing process requires dealing with writer’s block, ensuring readability, and meeting deadlines. Plus, I must have exceptional research skills while dealing with curtailed creative freedom from clients.

As I struggled with improving my writing and connecting with my audience more effectively, I started using AI writing tools. However, many of the ones I’ve tried lack quality and human personality. I had tested many of these tools before I stumbled on Writecream, and I was hooked.

In this Writecream review, I will show you how this AI-powered writing assistant tool helps me with my content writing and how I use it to generate emails, social media post captions, copywriting, and other written content types. I even used it with Facebook ads-targeting software like Connectio.

If you’re ready, let’s get into it!

Writecream Overview

Writecream review
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To kickstart this review, I’ll introduce you to Writecream first.

1. What is Writecream?

Writecream is an online, GPT-3-based content creation tool. The software writes blog pieces, sales messages, icebreakers, podcasts, voice-overs, and cold emails using the power of AI. It can also generate online content and marketing materials in seconds.

As a blogger and business owner, Writecream has helped me generate personalized icebreakers that increased my sales. It also allowed me to develop a unique introduction for my clients based on their experience, education, and job and add this intro at the beginning of my messages or emails.

By inserting the URL of my prospect’s website, the tool will scan the site and generate an effective icebreaker that will entice the prospect to respond and enhance sales.

The great thing about Writecream is that it automatically checks grammatical errors while creating content. With that, it is impressive how this copywriting software writes my content with the creativity and cadence of a human writer.

What I love most about Writecream are the many use cases. These helped me create content for social media, newsletters, adverts, blogs, digital ads, and websites. I’ve used it for my email marketing campaigns too. With a few clicks, Writecream also helped me generate high-converting product descriptions and titles.

2. Who Created Writecream?

Krittin Kalra is the founder and creator of Writecream. He created the web-based writing app in 2021 with the vision to improve writing and marketing with little effort. Since then, Writecream has had more than 30,000 members as the team behind the software has added more new features and tools. Krittin created this tool for new and professional writers to save hours of writing by using an AI-powered tool to generate any form of written content.

Awesome Features of Writecream

This AI writer offers many features that help me write content and generate blog posts with a few clicks. Here are all the features I use almost every day:

1. SEO-Optimized Content

The key to reaching my audience is SEO-optimized content. As such, the most critical factor in ranking on the top page of search engines is SEO. Writecream offers quality search engine optimization for all the generated content. This feature’s key tools include SEO Meta Description, Website Title & Sub-Headline, Value Proposition, Before-After-Bridge, and Feature to Benefit.

Here’s a secret; I use Surfer SEO with Writecream to increase my website traffic, optimize my blog posts, and reach a higher ranking on search engines.

2. Creative Ads Copy Generation

writecream ads
Image source: writecream.com

I have been able to lure my potential customer in seconds using the Writecream Creative Ads Copy Generation feature. It allows me to create ad copy for my marketing campaigns, like Google ads, without hassle. This feature also enables me to design my entire campaign using the ads keyword tool, ads keyword mixer, keyword research tool, etc.

3. Youtube Voiceovers and Podcasts

Writecream review
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Writecream’s YouTube Voice-Over and Podcast feature has allowed me to turn my blog articles into human-sounding voice-overs or podcasts. I can create my YouTube voice-overs or podcasts as quickly as a few minutes through AI-based specialized tools available in one place. The tool also helps to generate video or voice-over podcasts for other platforms.

4. Copywriting Tools

This feature allows me to write more compelling and engaging content for my social media, website, and email marketing campaigns. I use this feature constantly by answering simple questions about my audience and business to generate high-quality marketing copies in minutes.

5. Social Media Content Creation

Generating marketing content tailored to my audience and their journey is entirely straightforward with the Writecream AI writing tool. I use this feature when I need social media content that engages and converts. With the Social Media Content Creation feature, I was able to generate engaging social media captions within minutes.

6. Personalized Emails and Outreach Messages

Since I often need help creating effective and personalized outreach messages and emails, I turn to this feature for rescue. It gives me powerful messages in seconds. The best thing about it is I can keep generating more outputs until it provides me with emails or messages that match my buyer persona, thus increasing the response rate.

7. Image and Audio Icebreakers

Writecream review
Image source: writecream.com

The Image Icebreaker tool is an AI-powered tool that lets me generate personalized images for my marketing campaigns. In addition, with the Audio Icebreaker feature, I can generate a voice message to send to prospects on any social media channel. What I like about this feature is that it is time-saving and easy to use.

8. Writecream Browser Extension

The Writecream Browser Extension made it a lot easier to integrate the power of artificial intelligence into my writings. I can easily use different features like headline generators, social media post captions, blog ideas, and email personalization tools without having to download standalone software or open a new window.

9. Writecream Mobile App

Whether I have my iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, I can generate and enjoy creating AI-powered content on the go, thanks to the Mobile App feature. The beauty of this feature is it requires little storage, and I can choose to have Light or Dark Mode options when I write articles.

10. 75+ Languages Support

This AI blog writer offers multilingual support to all the tools. Whether you are using audio icebreakers, cold email icebreakers, blog posts, or AI writing assistants, the feature supports English, German, French, Estonian, and more.

Writecream Pricing and Plans

Free Plan$0/month
Unlimited (Limited Offer)$29/month

Writecream Lifetime Deal

I have saved a massive discount on Writecream by purchasing the lifetime deal. You can do the same and boost your content creation process without breaking the bank. The lifetime deal is undoubtedly the most affordable compared to other excellent AI writer tools on the market. With the lifetime deal, you can continue to benefit from original, high-quality, excellent features like:

  • Ad copies for Google and Facebook
  • Landing page copies
  • Social media
  • Email copy
  • Voice overs
  • SEO-optimized blog posts
  • YouTube
  • And many more

As of the time of writing this post, you can get a Writecream lifetime deal on AppSumo. You can claim the offer by clicking here to go to the lifetime deal landing page on AppSumo. This offer gives you a one-time payment of $59, and you can access over 40 copywriting templates and tools forever.

My Experience with Writecream

Do you know that LinkedIn is the best platform to attract customer attention if your business provides solutions to their needs? You can access the vast majority of potential customers right in one place.

Using Writecream’s Personalized LinkedIn Outreach feature, I was able to change my outreach strategy for the better. My content started improving. Not only that, but by reaching the right person with the right subject at the right time, I started creating long-lasting relationships. This led to generating quality leads.

With the Personalized LinkedIn Outreach feature, I had people coming to my inbox based on recommendations from my other connections! How cool was that? It is so amazing how the feature helped me create expertise and trust.

It led to my connections looking forward to receiving my personalized content. With this tool, I managed and decreased the stress that could come with information overload. As a result, it made me feel more in control of my content.

In addition, the feature allowed me to generate the kind of content my connections want to interact with. With that, it narrowed down my target audience and reached them with a custom message that speaks directly to their interests.

Ultimately, creating personalized content using this feature has helped me create positive sentiment and left a great impression on everyone in my network. It has provided me with a perfect base to grow my business and brand.

How I Created High-Converting Content Using Writecream

When it comes to creating high-converting content for my blog, I didn’t know exactly where to start. So, I did some personal research and created my content, hoping it rank and convert. Well, it did. But the conversion rate was less than 1 percent!

Then, I started using AI Article Writer feature on Writecream. First, I had an incredible tool that wrote killer headlines for my articles. Then, it produced compelling introductions that intrigued my audience and made them want to read more.

The content created positive experiences for my audience, and they stuck longer around my blog. I knew I was capturing their attention, and I continued using the feature to generate more content and reinforce a positive brand impression.

Then, I began to see better traction on my social media channels. I got questions from many people who interacted with my content. Some even referred others to me, showing how much they trusted me.

I got more leads as I used the AI Article Writer tool to generate more content. These leads trusted me and wanted to purchase the products I recommended to them. My CTA shot through the roof from content that took me minutes to generate.

My consistency in producing high-quality content also impacted my SEO efforts. The content helped my business become visible online. With that, it also built authority and trust with my audience.

What I Like and Dislike About Writecream

Like most writing tools powered by artificial intelligence, Writecream has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of them, starting with the benefits.

The Things I Like About Writecream

The thing I like best about this web-based AI writing software is the multiple content options it provides and how it formats the generated text. Other things I like about it are:

Unlimited Plan

I like that I can get unlimited access to all Writecream features, except the LinkedIn and email icebreakers which have 1,000-word-per-month limitations.

Simple and Easy to Use

It is simple to use this content writing tool. The interface is straightforward, and I can access all the tools in one intuitive dashboard.

Faster and Multiple Content Generation

I’ve found this incredible tool to make my life easier as it helps me generate content and text for multiple platforms faster. As such, I don’t have to spend all day hunched over my laptop, thinking about the next words to write.

Recent Activities Are Stored in the Database

I like how the tool stores my content and can retrieve it even if my PC breaks down.

Another thing I like about this software is that the company is always adding more features for content marketing without extra fees.

However, as I said, it also has its drawbacks which we discuss below.

The Things I Don’t Like About Writecream

One of the main things I don’t like about Writecream is that the text output for blog posts tends to be a bit short. Other things I don’t like are:

High Pricing

The monthly subscription is expensive compared to a relatively cheaper lifetime deal.

Not Mobile-Friendly

I’m not saying that you cannot use it on your mobile, but I find it a bit difficult to use it on mobile.

Not Enough Credits

When I started using the tool, I discovered that the monthly credit was insufficient until I upgraded to a higher tier to use more credits.

It Needs Improvements

The voice-over, and even all other features, need improvements.

While this Writecream review has detailed how this tool works and how you can use it to create high-converting content, let’s see what others say about this software.


Here are things people have to say about Writecream:

The generated outline impressed Dionnna, but wished the number of credits could be higher.

Writecream review
Image source: g2.com

Deepak likes how Writecream does his work faster but doesn’t like how the tool has no video creation feature.

Writecream review 2
Image source: capterra.com

Writecream Alternatives

Writecream takes minutes to move from a product name to a blog post, podcast, or YouTube. So I use other writing tools to make my writing process more manageable. I will detail how I use them, their features, and everything I like and don’t like about them.

1. Linguix

Image source: linguix.com

Linguix is a web-based AI-powered writing assistant that helps me proofread my written content and checks it for grammatical errors. It has many grammar-checking tools that I use to spot grammar errors. Also, I use it to check my writing style in the English language.

It is my daily accurate writing assistant for my content creation process because professional writers and linguists developed the program. Linguix also analyzes my writing through its content-building tool.

I can assess my text’s suitability, Flesch-Kincaid grade, and reading time is pretty in line with my audience.

The repetitive typing automation in the tool helps me expand longer texts by using one-word shortcuts, making my writing process relatively more straightforward.

While you may only use Linguix on some platforms, the company has redesigned its browser extensions for more recommendations. I can integrate the tool with my Google Docs.

Key Features

  • Text editing
  • Rich text editor
  • Punctuation check
  • Natural language processing
  • Long-form content
  • Style check
  • Snippets
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Real-time updates
  • Grammar check
  • Document review
  • Brand guidelines
  • Assisted content creation
  • Etc


  • It is reasonably priced
  • It provides personalized language training so you can learn from your mistakes.
  • It includes a paraphraser tool to give you different variations of a sentence.
  • It offers thesaurus and language learning features
  • It includes snippet shortcuts to help save time


  • It is not focused on business use cases like support or sales
  • It has limited security certifications without any evidence of HIPAA or SOC 2 compliance

Plans and Pricing

Linguix offers three types of plans:

Free Plan
Personal Pro$5/month/user/paid annually
Team$20/month/user/paid annually
Personal Pro$85/one-time payment

Bottom Line

Linguix offers an affordable plagiarism and grammar checker as a basic proofreading tool for my writing.

Start using Linguix for free!

2. Jasper.ai

Image source: jasper.ai

Jasper is an AI writing software that helps me generate content automatically. Since I always struggle to create blog content and want to automate the process, I have used Jasper and got the desired results.

Jasper has helped me generate attractive and credible blog posts for my websites. I have also used the tool to create content for my marketing emails, adverts, social media posts, especially Facebook marketing, and landing pages.

The tool’s USP boasts an intelligent content engine that helps me analyze my input and completes the tasks with little human intervention. Moreover, my content is more polished thanks to the app’s quality suggestions and predesigned templates.

The Boss Mode plan is the best feature of this app because of its ability to generate long-form content quickly. For example, I can command the AI to write a specific topic for me. All I have to do is type a command, and the app will get it done. The tool can also take my content and rewrite it more accurately and in a better tone while considering the flow, grammar, and context.

Key Features

  • Boss mode
  • More than 50 templates
  • AI commands
  • Jasper Art
  • More than 25 supported languages
  • Integrations
  • Recipes


  • High responsive support
  • Simplest UI
  • No learning curves
  • Pre-trained models designed by expert marketers for social media marketing, email marketing, and more
  • High-speed servers as I don’t have to wait for minutes to get my AI outputs
  • Highly relevant content outputs that are better than competitors


  • It bans terms relating to sensitive topics like illegal drugs, adult content, etc.
  • It can’t work on some niches that require extensive research
  • Factual errors in output
  • Limited flexibility as I can’t generate my templates
  • It doesn’t have unlimited words
  • Expensive than the competitors

Plans and Pricing

Starter (20K words/month)$49/month
Boss Mode (50K words/month)$99/month
Businesscontact vendor

Bottom Line

Jasper has good output, great templates, and is easy to use.

Try Jasper today!

3. Quillbot

Image source: quillbot.com

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing software with multiple functions to perform daily writing tasks. It is a paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence to paraphrase and reword my writing into something professional.

I use this fantastic tool constantly with any web browser or a text editor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word as an extension to change the structure, summarize, paraphrase, or rewrite my content.

When using the tool to paraphrase my blog posts or articles, it will take the essential information in them while retaining the original context of the content.

Not only does Quillbot switches words or paraphrase words, but the tool also boasts superior artificial intelligence that lets it include words and synonyms in a refined and more profound way possible.

As if that is not enough, Quillbot offers many other features that help my writing process. I can get high-quality articles from it, saving time banging my head over energy-draining content. Anyone can use this tool, even though content writers are the primary users of the software. Students, screenwriters, copywriters, and anyone who writes can cherish this incredible tool’s perks.

Key Features

  • AI-powered built-in thesaurus
  • Citation generator
  • Summarizer
  • Co-writer
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Extensions
  • Compare mode


  • It offers vital features for free
  • The premium plan is affordable
  • Have an all-in-one tool
  • Have multiple extensions
  • It boasts a simple interface
  • It offers free access to Citation Generator and Grammar tool
  • It allows text expansion
  • It rewrites content very well


  • It doesn’t work offline
  • The grammar checker tool is still less efficient than Grammarly
  • The summarizer has a word limit
  • The rephrasing/rewriting speed could be faster
  • The interface could be nicer

Plans and Pricing

Semi-Annual$6.66/month ($39.95 billed every six months)
Annual$4.17/month ($49.95 billed every twelve months)

Bottom Line

Quillbot helps me write faster, better, and more precisely with its powerful features.

Start using Quillbot for free!

Is Paying for Writecream Worth It?

My Writecream review is incomplete without telling you how happy I am with the output this AI writing assistant tool generates for my blogs. Also, I used this tool’s use cases and features for a few months before writing this Writecream review.

As a blogger, it helped me to create high-quality content for my social media platforms, Google and Facebook Adverts, landing pages, and websites.

Click here to see for yourself why many bloggers highly recommend this tool!
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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on Changeaholic.com to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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