VadooTV Review: The Answer To Your Video Marketing Needs In 2023

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VadooTV Review
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Many of us see video as a powerful communication tool and depend on live video streaming or online video as a crucial marketing strategy. However, I faced several challenges in my video marketing efforts until a friend introduced me to VadooTV. Since then it has helped me tremendously to grow my audience, leading to more leads and revenue. In this VadooTV review, you will learn everything about this excellent video hosting platform which is perfect for a secure learning management system or membership site.

VadooTV is an affordable video marketing and sales platform. Though VadooTV may not be the most expensive video hosting platform on the market, it deserves to be expensive with all the outstanding features and video distribution across more than 180 countries. This review will touch on the tool’s remarkable features, how it can help your video marketing campaigns, and other exceptional alternatives.

Now, let’s get started!

What is VadooTV?

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VadooTV is an excellent video hosting channel used for marketing campaigns. Since it was founded in 2019, VadooTV has experienced rapid growth with a spike in video consumption, leading to more interest in video marketing. The software has hosted more than 5 million videos from clients in more than 150 different countries.

The video hosting platform has offered me advanced capacities for hosting and sharing my videos without any advertisements or other intrusions you will get from free platforms like YouTube. I love that the platform, with its advanced features, can handle large content without fuss. With that, I believe this video hosting platform can compete with other video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Spotlight, Swarmify, Vidyard, Uscreen, Wistia, and Vimeo.

I also like how its integrated landing page generator helps me interact with third-party applications, security features, advanced marketing tools, and simplified customization for sales and marketing videos. This exceptional video and audio player can create onboarding and customer assistance movies, record and share training classes, and produce marketing and sales videos too.

Who Created VadooTV?

VadooTV was created by Anil Matcha and Ankur Singh in November 2019. They designed VadooTV as a one-stop solution for businesses and creators to grow leads and conversions with videos. The rise of video consumption led these creators to create a video hosting and marketing platform for creators, brands, and businesses.

By scaling 20,000 and serving users from more than 150 countries, they have succeeded in helping businesses grow by having their clients’ videos organized. Ankur and Anil live in San Francisco.

VadooTV Overview

VadooTV has enabled me to control my videos from one dashboard while making them available in many places. This dynamism has been the best experience possible because I have less work and wide distribution, freeing up my time to create more videos and get even better results.

  • A Keeper in Your Toolbox: Out of many marketing campaigns in my arsenal, VadooTV is a veritable tool that helped me skyrocket my reach and revenue.
  • Potential to be Up There with the Market Leaders: Using VadooTV has enabled me to reach my audience with a new medium, educate them, and increase engagement on my social and digital channels.
  • Excellent Video Hosting: Setting up my video hosting platform on VadooTV is fast and easy with its advanced features (more on that soon).
  • VadooTV Is a Great Alternative to YouTube: VadooTV offers a premium video platform without advertisements or other intrusions getting in your way.
  • Redundancy: VadooTV provides automatic backup, and my video won’t go down elsewhere even if my site fails.
  • High Availability: If you are thinking of making your videos available across several countries at once, VadooTV gets you covered with more than 150 countries across its data centers.
  • Save Time with Integrations: VadooTV integrates with other applications, allowing me to publish my videos on various channels. I also have the opportunity to edit my videos or take them down quickly (if needed).

VadooTV Features – Simplified Video Hosting and Marketing

This VadooTV review will discuss how the platform stacks up against other video platforms. I would rate VadooTV five stars after months of use because it allows me to match my website’s branding with the video player, it is secure and fast, and my videos are not clustered with adverts from other people. All these have been possible with VadooTV key features like:

1. Podcast Hosting

VadooTV Review
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How do you notify your listeners about all new podcast episodes since you don’t want them to miss anything? Of course, loyal fans will check up to know they have not missed an episode, but what about those who don’t take the time to check?

As a content creator, I’ve learned an easy way for my followers to find my content using VadooTV. I can upload my podcast and distribute them using an RSS feed or host them directly on my podcast channel page.

2. Video Hosting

If you want high-quality video hosting services, look no further than VadooTV. It’s an all-in-one video hosting solution that allows me to host, manage, and share high-quality video content without adverts. The unlimited video hosting the platform offers makes it suitable for professionals and beginners. After creating my projects on VadooTV, I can access them as folders where I store several videos on the same topic.

3. Video Testimonials

VadooTV Review
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It is tricky to get hold of video testimonials, but they are always very powerful. VadooTV makes it much easier to get video testimonials. I’ve gotten tons of testimonials from clients by sending a testimonial request through email. My clients don’t need to log in or send me files before recording a testimonial video. With a simple URL from VadooTV, my clients only need to click on the “Start Recording” button, and that’s it! I have downloaded, embedded, or shared these testimonial videos for my marketing campaigns.

4. Video Player

VadooTV offers an ad-free video player that I can customize to my specific needs. For example, at the project level, I can configure the security and the platform where I can play my content. In addition, the software has many tools to match my website and brand with the player. I can’t find these exceptional tools in other video hosting software or providers.

5. Video Security

video security
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VadooTV helps me secure and protect my videos from unauthorized access online. Its video security feature is so powerful because I can specify which sites to authorize or permit to embed my videos.

The software also implements a three-step process to secure my videos. The first step is to upload or record my video. Then I have to enable security features, and lastly, share my videos privately on VadooTV or others like YouTube, Vimeo Pro, or Wistia. The HLS encryption also prevents unauthorized downloads of my videos by adding a layer of security to my videos.

6. Video Landing Page

The essence of creating my videos is to engage and convert my viewers, which is what VadooTV offers. There is also an email feature for these landing pages. I can share my video in an email with a GIF preview.

I’ve always found it pretty easy to create landing pages by uploading a video I have recorded to my landing page. Then, I will select the styles and colors that match my call-to-action and brand to sign up, schedule a meeting, etc. The last step is to share my video landing page as a message or through ads and emails.

7. Screen Recorder

VadooTV Review
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I love this feature when I want to share a walkthrough of my products or services. This feature allows me to record a webcam, screen, or both. Then, with a single click, I can record unlimited videos of my camera, any application, desktop, or tab.

The best part is that I can remove, edit, or trim any part of my recorded videos before exporting them as webM, GIF, and mp4, or even save them directly to VadooTV. There’s even a chrome extension called “Voom” that I can use to record my videos.

8. Video Chat Bubble

VadooTV Review
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How cool is sharing your recorded video message as a video bubble on your website? I can do this with VadooTV. It is a one-on-one communication strategy I use for my marketing, and it has served as a medium for them to respond to my messages. I also used this feature for training, testimonial, recruitment, sales, or lead generation.

Using it is as easy as uploading my recorded videos to my video chat bubble, customizing the position and shape, and then sharing the video on my site as a video bubble widget.

9. Video Email

video email
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Take your remote sales or pitches to another level by adding Vimeo videos, YouTube videos, or videos on VadooTV in your emails. Doing this has boosted clients’ response rates and helped me close more deals as engagement on my offers jumps up the roof. This feature has also allowed me to grab my audience’s attention, and I can use the data like watch rates or views to analyze their performance.

VadooTV Pricing and Free Trial: How Much Does VadooTV Cost?

Free Plan0

The free trial plan allows you to test some of the features on VadooTV, and you can upgrade to any of the premium plans if you like the software.

For a more detailed breakdown of the inclusions for each price tier, you can head on to their pricing page.

VadooTV Pros and Cons

As VadooTV enables me to host my videos on secure, high-speed servers to grow my business reach, some of its pros include:

VadooTV Advantages – The Things I Love About It

  • It is easy to use – I don’t need any extensive guide to use VadooTV
  • It uses encryption to protect videos – The software protects my videos from downloaders
  • Powered by HLS encryption – This video security delivers my video files for my audience to live-stream my content
  • CNAME and white label – I can customize my videos with my website logo and name.
  • Password-protected videos for lead capture or CTA – The CTA is the critical power for my lead generation.
  • Domain security and encryption – I like the top-level domain security and privacy with this feature
  • Customized landing page – I can customize my landing pages to my preference
  • Video in social media, website, email, and more – I like the wide distribution of my videos, which leads to more audience from different platforms.
  • Video management with multiple users and projects – The ability to customize my content for specific audiences or projects.
  • AI-powered recording tool – Top-notch tool that produces professional-level content
  • High-speed playback using fast CDN – My viewers can easily fast-forward or slow down my video content

Other things I like about VadooTV include:

  • Increasing my reach with customized landing pages
  • I can discover what the audience is watching and their reaction to my content through the video analytics
  • Easy embedding and sharing of my videos through social media, in emails, and on my website
  • I can change my video resolution automatically based on bandwidth usage through the adaptive streaming

Ultimately, I can’t praise VadooTV enough for the customizable player that allows me to change the color, add branding, and do more. Also, I can stream high-quality and ad-free videos to my audience through video hosting.

VadooTV Disadvantages – The Things I Don’t Like About It

I would have loved to have more subdomains and more team features. For me, that’s the biggest drawback of this software.

Also, I don’t like that there is no additional protection like web extensions to prevent downloaders. In addition, support is available by email, and it can take longer to respond. Lastly, the platform wasn’t intuitive for me when I started, and it took some time to get used to it.

Who Is VadooTV For?

VadooTV is perfect for those dealing with team communication or an OTT platform owner. It’s also useful for educators, online course providers, teachers, instructors, etc. Sales professionals and marketers will also find it valuable. Basically, VadooTV is for anyone who wants to create and share ad-free, professional, and lightning-fast videos.

Who Is VadooTV Not For?

If you are not a blogger, a content creator, a digital marketer, or have no online business or marketing strategies, VadooTV is obviously not useful for you.

Social Proof/Customer Experience

I have been telling you how VadooTV stacks up with its wonderful features. However, don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other video marketers have to say about it:

vadoo review
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vadoo review
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UI and UX Reviews

The tool’s UI/UX design elements require a bit of upgrade to have an aesthetic appeal of the account dashboard, even though the interface looks simple, clean, and relatively intuitive.

Deployment and Support Reviews

Many people have complained about the support getting worse, and I can say it happens to me sometimes. The team needs to work more on how users can quickly get in touch with the support, get things straightened up, and move on with their content creation.

VadooTV Review – Alternatives

While VadooTV is exceptional, there are other alternatives on the market. Let’s discuss some of these VadooTV alternatives.

1. CloudApp

cloud app
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CloudApp is an excellent one-click screen recording tool that allows users to capture and embed images, screenshots, screencasts, GIFs, screen recordings, and videos to the cloud. I have used this tool to make my images more informative by adding highlights, colorful text, etc. In addition, CloudApp boasts rich features that I can customize to boost engagement, and it is a cheaper alternative than other video-sharing platforms.

Key Features

  • Integrations and marketing capabilities
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • File library search
  • Create screen/webcam recordings
  • Annotated screenshots


  • Unlimited file storage
  • Integrates with Trello, Asana, Jira, Slack, etc
  • Visual search
  • Screen recording/annotated screenshots for effective communication


  • Windows app can crash
  • Occasional outage issues
  • No specialized mobile app

Plan and Pricing

Free PlanFree
EnterpriseContact vendor
Click here to start using CloudApp today!

2. Hippo Video

hippo video
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Hippo Video is a user-friendly, next-generation, DIY video marketing platform for creators. This tool takes the marketing automation workflows and sales outreach to the next level with hyper video and in-video personalization. Hippo Video gets you covered if you want the best for your customer support processes, sales, email campaigns, or marketing.

Key Features

  • Video Capture
  • Voice-Over
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Analytics
  • Customizable Branding
  • Video Streaming
  • Closed Captions
  • Templates
  • Collaboration Tools


  • Easy to install and use
  • Excellent Chrome plugin
  • Responsive and exceptional customer support
  • Create, record, and capture video and audio easily
  • Seamless sharing, storing, and editing


  • Time-consuming to upload and edit files of more than 1GB
  • Not free from bugs and glitches
  • Short product development roadmap
  • You need an internet connection to use this

Plan and Pricing

Free PlanFree
Click here to start using Hippo Video now!

3. Vimeo

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Vimeo is a video-sharing and hosting platform that delivers high-quality, high-definition videos across various devices. Professionals can use Vimeo for video broadcasting, creation, and editing. Like YouTube, Vimeo also provides a platform for budding artists and professionals to showcase their talent.

Key Features

  • Advanced Stats
  • Video Editor Integration
  • Secure Sharing
  • Stunning Video Player
  • Stock Footage
  • Screen Recorder
  • Live Streaming


  • Clean design
  • User-friendly
  • Many features
  • Customizable privacy settings
  • Works with Google Analytics
  • No advertising


  • The interface requires improvement
  • Some accounts were shut down because of political censorship

Plan and Pricing

Click here to start using Vimeo now!

How VadooTV Helped Me Scale My Digital Marketing Projects

For a client, I needed a way to host marketing videos on their website without any limitations, hence I signed up with VadooTV. As a marketer, VadooTV has helped me host videos for audiences who don’t want to view the content on social platforms. So far, the strategy has brought many people to my client’s website, leading to a significant increase in traffic.

I have been so impressed by the platform’s features, especially the marketing part, where I can add a CTA and make the button appear on my videos that are more visible to people after a specific time. In addition, it has allowed me to collect more leads since viewers will need to enter their names and emails before viewing the video. I have also made more affiliate commissions since I can enter my affiliate links in the settings.

My VadooTV Experience

As an affiliate marketer, I understand how vital a good video strategy is to success. But first, I have to identify my target audience and then also need to track my success, choose distribution channels, and create budgets and timelines.

However, my video marketing strategy has been a smooth journey since I started using VadooTV.

The software has provided me with the tools to take my video marketing efforts to the next level. The platform helped me organize all my videos so that I can easily store, find, and use them. This makes searching for relevant videos a breeze. I don’t have to worry anymore about spending hours or days combing through data and files to find what I’m looking for. All these made my creative process more efficient and my ROI to skyrocket.

Don’t Think Twice Before Getting This Tool

VadooTV is the best option to host your videos for your online course or content. It is definitely worth the money, and the tool is a big plus if you want an easy-to-use video testimonial or screen recording software.

Click here to try VadooTV for free.

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Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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