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Several cross-domain crews, executives, UX experts, business analysts, and product managers use Moqups to perform traditional work on complicated projects. As a visual collaboration tool that brings design, diagram, and whiteboard features together in an online, single app, professionals and their teams can contribute to their projects, regardless of their expertise.

If you want to communicate, plan, and think in real-time to develop various visual materials like prototypes, dashboards, mind maps, diagrams, designs, wireframes, and visual materials, you will find Moqups ideal.

There are many things this software can do for your team in terms of using a wide range of templates to kick-start projects, turning ideas from concept to creation, or moving physical whiteboards online, and much more.

This review will discuss the software features and how they can help you collaborate and integrate workflow creatively.

First, what is Moqups?

Moqups Review: What is Moqups?

Moqups is a web-based, visual collaboration software that combines design, diagram, and whiteboard features to help businesses create and validate functional prototypes for designing mobile applications and websites. Teams can collaborate on mock-ups, wireframes, and diagrams by utilizing whiteboard functionality. Designers can also cross-navigate among the components, create flowcharts, storyboards, and sitemaps through the diagramming tools.

If you are thinking of creating personalized designs with elements such as widgets, shapes, fonts, and icons, the tool has stencil kits that you can use from its built-in library. Part of its features includes single sign-ins, private projects, activity audit logs, roles and permission management, and more. I prefer some of the features that allow me to facilitate real-time engagement across projects, communicate through chat, modify designs, and add comments and annotations.

The software also has editing capabilities that will enable you to lock or rename elements, bulk edit, rotate, align, or resize objects. You can also adjust specifications using rulers, custom guides, grids, and other alignment tools. The software supports integration with several third-party apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack.


What You Can Make with Moqups

You can make several designs with this software, including graphs, charts, mock-ups, wireframes, sitemaps, flowcharts, diagrams, and more.

Graphics and Charts

This software allows you to create all kinds of graphs and charts if you have to present information visually to your investors, clients, or team. What you can do includes:

  • Pie charts
  • Line charts
  • Donut charts
  • Column charts
  • Bar charts
  • Area charts

Mock-ups and Wireframes


The mock-ups enable users to get feedback in the design’s first stages. Before users can visualize content, they will need to develop a wireframe sketch. With that, they can fundamentally determine its functionality. Your team can imagine the final result and make the design look better by putting it into context. You can see what the design will look like on your app or website instead of seeing it on a page.

The wireframe feature of the tool allows users to decide on things like user flow, page density, and information hierarchy during the beginning of a specific project. The placeholders’ texts and shapes work for the more advanced design elements that users can later add. You don’t have to worry about design or branding, as you need to focus on the website’s crucial requirements and structure.

Using Suitable Order to Create

Moving back and forth between your designs and wireframes however you want is the beauty of this tool. Besides, you do not need to create one before the other. You can begin a project with a wireframe and move to a mock-up, which is a traditional way. When you assess the mock-up and realize that you need to make tweaks, you can go back to the wireframe.

Another way is to create your mock-up first. You can then figure out the details by moving to the wireframing phase. However, you can even create a low-fidelity prototype from a wireframe by skipping the mock-up altogether.

Flowcharts and Diagrams


Moqups is like any software that allows you to start your web design projects with a sitemap, flowchart, or diagram and then navigate through it along the way for reference. You and your team can create different charts with this tool:

  • Use case diagrams
  • Sitemaps
  • Mind maps
  • Flowcharts for software workflows
  • Flowcharts with user interactions
  • Decision trees
  • Concept diagrams

The flowcharts stencils enable you to start all types of diagrams. And if you want to evolve a flow the way you like, you can do that with a Diagram Extender. Besides, you can customize the chart by changing its look.

Moqups Features: Solving Your Wireframing and Mock-up Headaches

The tool has a built-in library of fonts and graphics integrated with Google Fonts, allowing for selecting hundreds of fonts. Users can tweak the text to match their designs by using advanced controls. They can also style, rotate, or resize objects, while also rename, lock, group, or bulk-edit elements. The custom rulers, grids, and guides allow for precise adjustments. Users can access thousands of icon sets and ready-to-use stencils designed for famous use cases.

As an intuitive and streamlined web app, the software can help businesses create and collaborate. You can thrive in a competitive sphere with some of its features like:

  • Organizational charting
  • Mock-up creation
  • Mobile interface
  • Mind maps
  • Interactive elements
  • Flowchart
  • Feedback management
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Desktop interface
  • Data linking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Brainstorming

This tool also has some other features that can take your business to a new level like:

  • Workflow management
  • Workflow creation
  • UI prototyping
  • Templates
  • Screen capture
  • Real-time editing
  • Prototype creation
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Presentation tools


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The software is integrated with the following:

Moqups Pricing and Free Trial

Free trial availableFree
Pro (3 users)$16/month (billed annually)
Unlimited$49/month (billed annually)

Plan Core Features

Moqups offers terrific features for some of its plans, including:

  • Replacing icons with drag and drop quickly
  • Uploading personal designs
  • Flow diagramming
  • Creating quick wireframes
  • Unlimited feedback and comments
  • Thousands of icons from popular libraries
  • Annotating methods and take notes
  • Prototype interactions
  • Real-time comments and editing
  • Unlimited objects and projects

Collaboration and Sharing

The software’s collaboration and sharing features include:

  • Create Trello cards from pages
  • Export to Dropbox
  • PDF and PNG export
  • Slack notifications
  • Export to Google Drive
  • Easy link sharing


Moqups Advantages: The Things We Love About It

One of the things I love about Moqups is its modern material elements, with an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts. You can get the help when you need it by typing letters to search for components. It also has a clean and intuitive design.

The free trial plan offers about 300 stencils for two active projects with 5 MB of storage. Though you won’t access Privacy Settings, Real-Time Collaboration, Master Pages, and other features with this plan, you can still do many things with some of the features. The software also supports the 960 grid system. Ultimately, the tool is fast and doesn’t require any plugins, since they used standard JavaScript and HTML5 to design it.

The software also enables you to design and customize your diagrams and flowcharts, and it is easier for users to write project management reports. You will save a lot of time planning your pages or coordinating with your virtual designers. With this, you can maximize your creativity and create some awesome designs.

Even if you are not a UX designer, you will find this software super straight and easy to use. With this tool, you only need to show your ideas, which helps take them to another level.

Other advantages include:

  • Creating dynamic mock-ups and wireframes
  • Collaborating easily with stakeholders
  • Minimalist design tools and wireframes
  • Easy to use
  • Customize the Canva space to your preference
  • Valuable and excellent uploaded photos
  • Many templates to use for your design
  • Drag and drop use mode rules

Moqups Disadvantages: Things We Don’t Like About It

One of the main disadvantages of Moqups is that it is pretty basic in its functionality, and users may find it complicated to use the advanced mode. This software doesn’t have the most robust features regarding actual prototyping, even though it is ideal for conceptualizing and wireframing an app. It cannot also stand up to other full-fledged prototyping apps because it is not easy to customize its styling components.

If you use the demo version, you won’t be able to export files. If you are using the tool for the first time, you could have difficulty navigating it. A perfect example is finding it hard to figure out how to change the page size of the search and find a specific icon you want.

The software has a small window that lists the pages users are working on, and it can be a pain to identify the specific page you want since the page names get truncated. Many users find the software expensive without a standalone version.

Who is Moqups For?

Executives, UX experts, business analysts, product managers, and any designer will see the tool as quite useful. Other businesses that will find the software ideal are management consultants, full-service marketing agencies, information technology companies, and organizations that design software in finance, logistics, aerospace, government, and health.

Non-developers can also use the software to conceptualize when they are in project planning phases. As a team leader, you can convey your idea to the design and development team to utilize more advanced techniques to develop the specific product or a lofty fidelity rendering.

Who is Moqups Not For?

Since Moqups is a tool for creating prototypes, mock-ups, and wireframes, the software is not for companies or businesses that are not functioning in these spaces.

Customer Experiences

Many Moqups users find it easy to use and great for website design. Users can save time coordinating with visual designers, and it saves a lot of time. Those with ambitions of becoming designers find the tool perfect, especially its wireframe and mockup features.

In a Capterra review of this tool, an Online Busines Coach, Mariela, loves the software. After test-driving other alternatives, she decided to choose the software due to its user-friendly and smooth environment. Mariela says that anyone can use the tool’s intuitive, beautiful interface. Her only concern is having no experience appreciating the software’s Trello integration and customizing it to make life easier.

An Operations Manager, Namwenda, explains that his experience with Moqups was excellent. He has designed and customized his diagrams and flowcharts, helping him write his project management reports. The only drawback he has with the software is the basic connectors when drawing a flowchart.

As for Arnaud, an Ecommerce Specialist, his drawback with the tool is that the free version could enable more than one design. Apart from that, he has found the software super easy to use. The software has helped him in his business, even though he is not a UX expert.

A Social Media Analyst, Maria de Lourdes, states that she has made excellent wireframes and prototypes for her projects through the software. She and her team have used the wireframes to design projects. They also appreciate the simple way they can use to build their wireframe through drag and drop features. They can even upload their pictures, use the prebuilt shapes, and export seamlessly as a PDF or PNG.


Some of us like using Moqups, and we get way more from it than the pen and paper design we typically sketched out for any scenario. The software works effectively with has several features that you will find easy to use. There is a possibility that you have worked with many graphic design tools. Many of these tools have high learning curves and are hard to use. However, this is not the case with the software.

If you are picking up the tool for the first time, you can finish your first project before the end of the day. I finished my first project within an hour using this tool. Then, I went back to explore some of the options I missed initially.

The software has a single design environment as it is an ecosystem of tools, and you don’t need to update across platforms or switch apps when using it.

Click here to pick up your free trial of Moqups.

Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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