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Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Mandy Schmitz

Ranktracker ReviewAs a business and website owner, search engine optimization is my top priority. I need SEO to understand the preferences and needs of my readers to increase my brand visibility, and build my credibility.

However, confusion arose when I thought about how to properly audit my site, conduct backlink analysis, and create content based on search results. A single mistake in any of these SEO audit processes will undoubtedly affect my position in the search engine results.

Then, I came across Ranktracker, and everything changed! That is why I put together this detailed Ranktracker review so you can succeed with SEO too.

Now, let’s dive in!

What is Ranktracker?

Ranktracker Review
Image source: ranktracker.com

Ranktracker is an all-in-one, powerful software designed for business owners to make SEO management easier. The tool allows me to access more than my ranking with its unique features, including problem-solving, tracking, planning, and optimization. In addition, I can use it to track my search engine results from Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Yandex.

As I mentioned, I experienced difficulties managing my SEO as a small business owner due to the fast-paced digital landscape that impacts continuous changes in search engine trends. However, I have seen improvements in my SEO strategies that helped me outrank the competition using this SEO tool.

When a brand utilizes SEO perfectly, it will become visible to consumers. Additionally, the brand can get better visibility to its target market by being on top of search engine results.

In short, Ranktracker provides additional insights for every stage of optimization. It guides my SEO journey from planning and analysis to tracking and problem-solving.

1. Is Ranktracker Legit?

Before deciding whether Ranktracker is legit, you first need to understand what Ranktracker really does.

Ranktracker works by checking keyword positions a website ranks for in search engine pages. These are keywords your competitors rank for, other terms required to optimize your site, and keywords used on the website.

Rank tracking is one of the vital elements of the SEO workflow. It provides information on how well your website ranks on search engines. Ranktracker does all of these and more, which makes it legit. It helps track search engine ranking and analyzes the competition, which is excellent for researching keywords. Using Ranktracker, I have been quite pleased navigating the tool with ease.

Using its keyword research tool, I have discovered, identified, and evaluated search terms that searchers normally type into search engines. I use the data collected from this search for my marketing and SEO optimization purposes. It also provided me with details about relevancy, popularity, difficulties, and suggestions for search queries through keyword research on Ranktracker.

Also, I use this tool for keyword rank tracking to monitor my site’s overall ranking for a specific set of search queries. It also allows me to perform keyword rank tracking and evaluate rankings on Google SERPs. As a result, I have been effectively monitoring my SEO campaigns using this tool.

With all these, I can firmly confirm that Ranktracker is a legit tool that can help you optimize your rank on SERPS for specific keywords.

2. Who Created Ranktracker?

Felix Rose-Collins created Ranktracker in 2014. The idea for the tool began with Felix’s approach to improving the SEO of his business. Since then, Ranktracker has helped thousands of businesses online through an SEO tool that only works with world-class data sources so that users can get accurate information when they need it. Felix and his team also developed a user-friendly interface that offers more granular, deeper information which SEO professionals seek. The business has offices in London, Lymington, and Katowice.

About Ranktracker – Highlights

My SEO insights improve with targeted traffic to my website through Ranktracker’s single dashboard, where I can detect problems, assess the competition, and research keywords. The tool significantly simplifies the process of finding and tracking keywords my website ranks for with an SEO strategy based on its findings.

1. Helps Determine a Working SEO Strategy

It was like walking in a dark alley for me without using a keyword rank checker like Ranktracker. Using this tool, I know when my site moves up or down the search results after publishing new content, targeting a new set of keywords, and optimizing my site for a new topic. Then I’ll know that my SEO strategy works when my rankings rise for a keyword after publishing a new article. I also use Ranktracker to reevaluate my strategy when I see a continuous fall in my rankings.

2. Helps Discover Need Keywords

I have uncovered new keywords that drive insane traffic to my website using this software. I can identify a few keywords on my content’s topic, however, it is impossible to get all the long-tail keywords that can send traffic my way. But I don’t have to worry about that because Ranktracker makes that easy by giving me secondary and tertiary keywords that I can target in my SEO strategy and content marketing.

3. Helps Automate Rank Tracking

Ranktracker automatically tracks and monitors all the keywords my website ranks for, saving me hundreds of hours yearly. Since I have set up my target keywords, the tool constantly monitors any changes to my search rankings for these keywords and alerts me through email. I’ve found it quite inefficient doing this manually.

4. Helps Evaluate Current SEO Strength

In my experience, you must understand your current SEO strengths before developing an SEO strategy. Ranktracker is very useful in this instance. The tool lets me evaluate my SEO standings and identifies all the keywords driving traffic to my website.

It also makes it very easy to identify the highest search volume keywords driving traffic to my website and prioritize them in my SEO strategy. In addition, the software allows me to develop monthly, quarterly, or yearly targets for my SEO strategy once I know my SEO strength.

Ranktracker Features – Simplified SEO Monitoring and Reporting

Ranktracker Review
Image source: ranktracker.com

I needed a SERP keyword rank tracking tool like Ranktracker when I wanted to leverage marketing for my business growth. Ranktracker has many tools that help me put my SEO effort on the right track, enabling me to monitor SERP changes and get notified. Here are Ranktracker features that will help increase your organic traffic:

1. Web Audit

The Web Audit tool is one of my favorite features of Ranktracker because it identifies issues on my site, checks all my on-site SEO factors, and offers a detailed health check of my SEO. The best part is I get data on how to fix these issues. This feature is so powerful that it only takes a few minutes to scan the entire website and provide ways to optimize it.

Since the tool stores all my data safely in my account for future reference, I love that I can run as many audits as possible. Since I don’t want to lose ground to my competitor, I use this feature to quickly fix things, especially when I notice that my campaign is stalling. My campaign will start picking up by working on the complete health check the feature provides.

2. SEO Site Audit Tool

The SEO Site Audit Tool will help me find outstanding issues by performing a website analysis. Unfortunately, searchers won’t be able to find you online because these issues cause a reduced Google search ranking. A plan of action to improve my rankings is critical if I’m vying for the top spot in a competitive niche. Without using any flesh-and-blood SEO professional, I could take advantage of Rantracker to fix the major issues on my website and improve my search rankings.

Some of the SEO site audit features are:

Actionable Insights and Urgent Indicators

I have had a better idea of which issues to tackle first with the urgency rating beside each issue. With that, I have bumped up my site ranking quickly since I can tackle larger issues like these, leading to a considerable spike in revenue and customers. The feature outlines problems you need to solve and offers actionable insights. The tool also constantly updates its database to give me an idea of what to do to fix those issues.

XML Reports and Ability to Compare

If you have people working on your website’s SEO, you can save and share the XML reports from the SEO site audit. I love that I can keep a record of previous iterations of my site and have a glimpse at how my site has improved over time. In addition, it allows me to compare the previous and current audits to understand better where I have solved every issue.

Scan Pages At Once

It can take longer to go through each page on my website, choose a keyword, and conduct an analysis. This complete scan tool will quickly check all my pages and provide a full SEO performance rundown.

SERP Simulator

Do you like to get detailed information like the title tag of search results, meta description, and URL? I have taken my on-page SEO to another level with this Google SERP Simulator. The SERP feature optimization allows me to use the ‘bold keyword’ form to see how people will see my meta description in the search results. Additionally, I can add dates, ads, and ratings to the results to see how they would appear.

Also, I can see a bar that tracks my meta description and title length using the Title and Meta Description Length Checker. With this, I can be sure that my characters and pixels won’t get clipped. It is even possible to use this tool to view live search results to see a keyword that you’d like to rank for. Then, compare it to your competitors by dragging and dropping your snippet.

If I want to fetch a site’s meta description and title in a breeze, I can use the Fetching and Improving Data feature. Just click the “Fetch Data” button after entering the URL.

SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist feature has made it quite simple to optimize my website for SEO with a simple step-by-step process to rank on search engines. I have used this feature to set up my website like an SEO professional using the SEO task checklist to get my SEO fundamentals in place. Marking tasks as complete is simple as I work my way through them. I found the best keywords for my site by following the step-by-step guide from the tool. It has even helped with my social media efforts, off-page SEO, content strategy, competitor analysis, and on-page SEO through actionable tasks.

Backlink Monitor

How do you see those linking to your site and know if they have stopped linking to your site? I can see how my content strategy is performing and who links to my site with Backlink Monitor. I can also see the clickable words that other websites are linking to me to learn why I rank for those keywords better than others.

In addition, I can get the details of how many backlinks I have for any specific anchor text by using the anchor text insight tool. It also shows me the linking domains using the individual anchor text.

Now, you might be tempted to ask why monitoring your backlink is important. Backlinks are similar to credibility votes that can act as a positive mark for or against your site. You can expect higher credibility when you have more good backlinks, which gives you a higher rank in search results.

Backlink Checker

My SEO efforts have improved and become more manageable when I can see my competitors’ backlinks and what’s working for them. Using Backlink Checker, I can adapt my competitors’ content strategies to improve mine.

In addition, it helps me to know which links make a difference. My favorites list of the best backlinks keeps increasing since I can replicate backlinks to try later. The Backlink Checker allows me to see backlinks vital for my rankings. I can see the benefits people get when they link back to my competition through the insights I get from this tool.

With that, I could focus on identifying and getting vital backlinks to help me outrank my rivals. Can you keep a secret? I also use the exclusive lost link data to steal backlinks.

SERP Checker

How about discovering your competitors’ weak spots? I’ve used more than 3 billion Ranktracker’s historical datasets with accurate keyword difficulty to dominate any search term. It gives me detailed Google SERP insights for any search term.

I have also used the SERP Checker to analyze and research my SEO campaigns for a specific area. The tool gives me search results for a specific neighborhood, city, region, or country. With that, I got the best keyword opportunities for those areas. I can also discover any SERP features like shopping links, featured snippets, reviews, or maps that appear for any keyword. The snapshot gives me a preview, and I can bring extra traffic to my site while harnessing the SERP feature by targeting these keywords.

Keyword Finder

Ranktracker Review
Image source: ranktracker.com

Ranktracker boasts an up-to-date global database of keywords where website owners like me can search and find the perfect SEO keyword opportunities. Life becomes super easy when you can generate all the keywords you could ever need with search volumes, relevant related keywords, and their difficulty ratings by simply putting a phrase or keyword on the Keyword Finder tool.

I can see how hard each keyword is to rank for through the handy difficulty scores, which always prompt me to target keywords or phrases with low scores for the best results. You can even target a language or location with location-specific keyword research and use the most accurate keyword suggestions after selecting the language or location. How cool is that?

That’s not all; the feature also enables me to measure the success of my PR campaigns and marketing and do extensive keyword research as I can identify seasonal trends.

Rank Tracker

The visual overviews and helpful alerts I get through the Ranktracker feature about how my site moves up and down the search engine results keep me in check about the performance of my SEO campaigns. I can get global, national, or local ranking updates with the possibility of switching from desktop to mobile and seeing my ranking progress on these platforms. I can also see how I’m performing with my Google My Business rankings with language-based rankings on Bing, Yahoo, Google, or Yandex locations.

The rank tracking feature also allows me to get more accurate insights by honing down my search criteria when tracking my ranking for specific keywords. Do this by filtering using language, location, search engine, and more. Anytime I want to outrank my competitor’s positions, I use the SERP Positions to see how my ranking position has changed compared to theirs.

Ranktracker Pricing and Free Trial

Free PlanFree
Double Data$29/month
Quad Data$54/month
Hex Data $104/month

On their site’s pricing page, you can see a detailed breakdown of all the inclusions for each price tier.

Ranktracker Pros and Cons

It is worth knowing that Ranktracker offers good value for your money, considering the freshness and accuracy of database sizes and keyword data among Google rank checker tools. However, every tool has its benefits and setbacks. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Available in 9 languages
  • It offers a keyword sandbox to save all my explored keywords
  • Keyword competitor’s research and analysis
  • Track keywords in more than 145 search engines
  • 23 keyword research techniques
  • Track ranking keywords in different SERP features
  • Analyze PPC and organic keywords
  • Create a complete customized branded report for clients
  • Track location-specific keyword rankings
  • Track different SERP features
  • Track unlimited keyword tracking data
  • Automatically schedule keyword tasks on a specified date with notification for any changes through email.


  • Computer performance may impact software effectiveness
  • Desktop-based keyword software
  • Requires learning curves

Ranktracker Pros – The Things I Love About It

I can bring targeted traffic to my website through the SEO insights Ranktracker provides, which I love most about this fantastic rank-checking tool. It gives me the exact keywords to use to get the most traffic through the keyword finder, with the possibility to see location-specific search results and learn if my site can rank for it.

1. Understand the Current Site Traffic

This part of Ranktracker is my favorite because it allows me to understand how search engines view my website and know more about visitors to my site. Your website may attract many visitors if it contains general keywords like operations, business, or service. However, you will have a low percentage of those visitors being truly interested. I have attracted more targeted, fewer visitors to my site since I use many industry-specific keywords.

Adding keywords specific to your industry or business is also critical if you want to book more appointments or sell more products. Although those won’t dramatically increase the number of visitors to your site, I can assure you that those attracted by more specific and longer keywords will convert.

2. Check the Competition

Frequency is the main difference between a keyword and the rest of the words on a webpage. Keywords are phrases or words that appear across many posts and pages of a website, revealing the topic or theme of such a website. Since the website’s consumer-facing parts have keywords sprinkled in them, I can easily see what my competitors are doing.

Ranktracker has allowed me to stand out in a competitive niche since I can clarify what others are up to and provides the opportunity to single out myself. In addition, I can monitor and compare my keywords to my specific or industry competitors.

3. Discover New Opportunities

It has always been a fantastic opportunity to spot untapped markets since I can monitor my keywords and track those of my competitors. Though I can have the same keywords as my competitors, the unique keywords provide the most significant insight. It is also my practice to check my competition’s keywords before adding a new product. Doing so helps me learn how they position themselves and other products they often bundle with.

Ranktracker Cons – Things I Don’t Like About It

Sometimes there are a few bugs here and there, and the service is down. Also, the Keyword Density checking feature fails to give results at times and can take too long.

Another area for improvement with this tool is that customer support is relatively slow. I got a reply after hours, even with their live chat support. Lastly, having more control over the report print/export would be nice.

Who Is Ranktracker For?

Many small and large businesses use Ranktracker to find keywords and track their rankings on search engines. Therefore, online businesses, digital marketers, bloggers, freelancers, and content creators use Ranktracker to succeed with their SEO strategy.

Who Is Ranktracker Not For?

Content creators or organizations without any online presence may not find Ranktracker useful since the tool works by tracking the online presence of a website.

Social Proof/Customer Experiences

I have used this Ranktracker review to discuss how the tool stacks up with other SEO tools and my overall SEO strategy; here is what other people have to say about it.

review 1
Image source: g2.com
Image source: capterra.com

Ranktracker Review – Alternatives

While you can use Ranktracker to discover keywords and track their performances against your competitors, other similar keyword tracking tools can get the work done too. Here are some of the best Ranktracker alternatives.

1. Serpstat

Image source: serpstat.com

Serpstat is an outstanding SEO tool that I use to get technical SEO data, analyze backlinks, and discover new keywords for content. This tool’s automated report, like the Site Audit features, has helped me identify problems I didn’t have to detect manually. I have also used this rank tracker tool for competitive analysis, site audits, keyword research, keyword ranking, PPC, etc.

Key Features

  • SEO Reporting
  • SEO Content & Rankings
  • SEO Auditing & Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Ads Campaign Management & Optimization


  • Google Data Studio integration
  • Stellar support level
  • Affordable
  • Check and track competition and their rankings


  • No option for global reports
  • Need more backlink data
  • The interface is not intuitive enough

Plan and Pricing

Free PlanFree
Click here to start using Serpstat.

2. Moz

Image source: moz.com

Moz is a fantastic suite of tools that help me build additional backlinks to my website. It is one of the best keyword tracking tools that allow me to understand my existing backlinks. I also use this powerful tool for auditing my site and identifying potential problems search crawlers could have with my website. Any search marketer will see this tool as a literal Swiss army knife that can track your SERP rankings and those of your competitors.

Key Features

  • Competitive Analysis
  • SERP Rank Tracking
  • Site Audits
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On-Page Analysis
  • Backlink Tools


  • Free trial
  • Great online resources
  • Actionable and insightful SEO metrics
  • Robust features


  • No mobile app
  • Quite expensive

Plans and Pricing

Click here to start using Moz now!

3. SEO PowerSuite

link assistant
Image source: link-assistant.com

SEO PowerSuite is a powerful, one-stop tool for growing a website’s organic traffic. I can depend on this SEO software to discover the best keywords, run my backlink campaigns, improve my content, check my competition, track my rankings, and optimize my website.

Key Features

  • Advanced Rank Tracking
  • In-Depth Competition Analysis
  • Profound Keyword Research
  • Local & Global SEO
  • Content & HTML Optimization
  • Social Media Stats
  • SEO & Technical Site Audit


  • Free plan
  • Geo-specific rankings for any location
  • Intelligent on-page SEO audit
  • SEO spider and on-page optimization
  • Backlink research and auditing


  • Slow on desktop
  • Requires more advanced features
  • It needs more pricing options

Plan and Pricing

Free PlanFree
Click here to start using SEO PowerSuite today!

How Ranktracker Took My Keyword Headaches Away

Finding keywords to ranks for is crucial for my blog. That is why I use Ranktracker to explore keywords I currently rank for. It is a fun process as all I have to do is navigate to the “Keyword Research” page. Then, select the “Ranking Keywords” enter my domain. Lastly, I will start the search by clicking the “Search” button.

Here’s where the magic happens. Ranktracker will position all the collected keywords for me. I can even see the overview of the search performance. With that, I can see my current performance in different SERP features. It also shows the number of keywords from organic traffic and the total organic keywords.

By default, users can only analyze the desktops’ organic search results in the US on Ranktracker. However, with a Pro plan, I can go to my workspace to switch the settings to see my keywords for other devices and countries like Germany.

My Ranktracker Experience

I have been using Ranktracker for quite a while now, and I can say that no other free rank-checking tools can offer the same SERP intelligence and accurate ranking information as Ranktracker. I enjoy reading through the reports since they are easy to customize and clean. With that, I can add relevant data to improve my keywords.

The tool is also fast in checking my website rank or keywords. I get the ranking results of more than 200 keywords for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex in less than a minute. I’m hooked to this tool, and I’m sure you would be too once you use Ranktracker and realize its full potential for keyword research.

Is Ranktracker Better Than The Alternatives?

Ranktracker may not be the most popular rank-tracking tool on the market, but it has provided me with an in-depth web audit to check for issues and recommend fixes.

That said, I want to use this Ranktracker review to recommend the software. There are a lot of SEO tools in the market, but when it comes to keyword research, Ranktracker is the best for me. Hands down.

Click here to start using Rantracker.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on Changeaholic.com to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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