Screpy Review: The Best AI-Powered SEO Tool of 2023

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Screpy Review
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As a busy website owner, I have tried a lot of different simple and pocket-friendly ways to improve my website’s search engine ranking, but nothing seemed to work until I stumbled upon Screpy. The tool has helped me figure out my SEO puzzle. In addition, I have discovered high-quality link-building opportunities for my website through its link-building tools. That is why I put together this Screpy review to discuss how the tool can help you improve your website’s ranking.

Screpy has allowed me to maximize my output and productivity while minimizing my efforts and time spent on manual things. So if you want to be tough enough to compete with the so-called gurus or professionals, I want you to stick with me till the end of this Screpy review.

Before we jump into the details about how the Screpy SEO tool stacks up, check out my review of Surfer SEO and how it makes my SEO optimization a breeze. Speaking of SEO, check out my article about search engine optimization for beginners to discover how to increase your brand awareness and expand your target audience.

Now, let’s get started!

What is Screpy?

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Screpy is a remarkable AI-based Google rank checker and SEO analysis tool. The tool helps you identify issues holding back your website’s ranking and fixes them. Screpy is easy to use, and you don’t need any technical knowledge or skill. As I mentioned, you can find quality link opportunities with this tool. Not only that, but it will also help you track your progress over time.

This all-in-one SEO platform has virtually everything I need to rank higher in Google searches. It gives me detailed insights into how I can find the right keywords to target, how to track my rankings over time, and my website’s SEO performance. Additionally, I love the wide range of features (more on that later) this great SEO tool provides to help me get the most out of my SEO efforts, such as backlink tracking, competitor analysis, and more.

Screpy is the best solution if you want an easy-to-use platform to take your SEO to the next level. The creator of Screpy has made it easy to use for anyone who knows that SEO is critical for their websites but doesn’t know how to ensure they are doing it right. Basically, Screpy creators have figured out people’s SEO problems and provided the perfect solution with this software.

Who Created Screpy?

Mustafa Aydemir created Screpy. Other co-creators are Yunus Ozcan and Malifatiko. According to them, they developed Screpy to make it one of the most straightforward analysis tools on the market. The team knows freelancers and website owners like me need to analyze their sites and clients’ sites constantly. However, it has been a bit hard to work with different tools to check Syntax Errors, Uptime, Keywords, SEO, etc. Therefore, Screpy combines these tools in one platform.

I can easily get reports about critical website metrics, allowing me to get my technical SEO right. This exceptional software boasts top SEO and website analytics tools I need to ensure that my site functions at top speed. The team developed this helpful tool for marketers and website owners like me who want to improve their website performance and rankings.

Why Should I Use Screpy?

As a website owner, I love when my SEO tool can provide me with detailed information about the on-page SEO health of my site and identify issues I need to take care of to improve my SEO ranking. That is what I’m getting from Screpy. Also, this fantastic tool helps me with other things like:

1. Save Time

Despite lacking time, business owners like me still need to know much about SEO, no matter how busy I am. I must also understand what converts visitors into customers and the elements that draw the perfect traffic through a search engine with a website that performs well. However, I don’t need to worry about these things because Screpy is taking care of them for me.

2. Improve Website Performance

Screpy makes it easy for me to discover how to build an effective SEO strategy based on metrics and learn how to improve my website by arming me with insights as an SEO rank tracking tool.

3. Understand Competitors

I can’t begin to discuss how easy it is to get a wealth of insight through competitor research, which I get within minutes through Screpy. The tool also makes it possible to discover factors like website health, competitor keywords, etc.

4. Save Costs

Hiring an SEO professional can be expensive. You may have to look at spending at least $1,400 per month. Paying thousands of dollars is easy for large companies, but using SEO tools where possible for website owners of small businesses makes more sense.

Now, let’s dive deeper and discuss some features I love about Screpy.

Screpy Features – An All-In-One SEO Tool

Screpy has some simple yet powerful features that have made my SEO efforts a breeze. As a result, I have reached a wider audience without technical issues using these features.

1. Page Speed Monitoring

Screpy Review
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Building a user-friendly website for my business is difficult, as it takes a lot of energy and time. In addition, since web users have different options, they tend to skip websites that take too long to load. Thankfully, my web pages have moved faster since I started using Screpy. The tool provides a full report on my website’s health, with details on the site’s speed issues.

Screpy also offers a page speed monitoring tool, so I can keep track of my website’s speed. In addition, I can see how my site performs since the tool allows me to check my page load time. I also use the speed monitoring tool to find and fix problems harming my SEO. Additionally, I can view these easy-to-understand tasks in one compact widget integrated with Lighthouse.

The page speed monitoring tool has also helped me:

  • Understand where I am page speed-wise and how to track my progress
  • Receive AI-based personalized solutions
  • Analyze and learn the results in seconds

2. Project Overview

I refer to the project overview page if I need to see the full view of my site’s health score and other important information. The project overview also lists some of the critical problems with my website. All I need to do is to click on the “issues” tab, and I can access them. The tool divides these issues into Notices, Warnings, and Issues. I can draw down the list by selecting “Actual,” where I can click on the arrow next to each issue to see the affected page lists or my website SEO rating.

3. Website Audit

Many errors like duplicate content, broken links, and other common SEO issues could harm the SEO of your website. With the website SEO audit tool, it was easy for me to do website SEO health checks, find these errors, and fix them quickly for better Google rankings and website SEO ratings.

4. Keyword Research

For the past several months, I’ve been using Screpy’s keyword research tool to find the right keywords for my site. I can research keywords by trend, competition, and volume with it. In addition, you can improve your website’s SEO by finding related keywords.

5. Keywords Tracker

Web users can find me by searching for keywords I have used. As such, I have a critical interest in using precise keywords. You can add your keywords by going to the home page and clicking “SERP.” Screpy will analyze your keywords and provide different relevant keywords that will fulfill your target easily.

While syncing Google trends, you will get interest details based on factors like metro, city, region, or sub-regions. With this tool, I can also:

  • Find new keywords related to my target;
  • Analyze the keyword for a specific location in SERP;
  • Find the top 100 results in any keyword

6. Uptime Monitoring

Screpy Review
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If I’m keen on finding out how often my site is down in real-time, I can keep track of them with uptime monitoring. Screpy observes my website for the whole day, leaving me worry-free during my spare or sleeping time. The uptime monitoring will notify me if I want the actual-time notifications, and I won’t have to worry about my website crashing. I will get an email alert immediately after my website is done. I can also get:

  • Report-based server response time tracking
  • Next-generation AI-based watcher
  • Real-time and instant emails

7. Crawler

The crawler section of Screpy has many features like Duplicated H1, Description, Duplicated Title, Low Word Count, Low Content Ratio, Missing H1, Short Description, Long Description, Missing Description, Short Titles, Long Titles, and Missing Titles. These are features with a detailed website analysis so I can improve on them.

8. SEO Monitoring

Screpy Review
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Screpy’s SEO Monitoring tool allows me to get more targeted keywords, increase conversion rates, and get ahead in the SERPs. Getting this right doesn’t require being an SEO expert since everything is pretty simple for me using this Google rank checker tool. The best part is I can compete with experts with this SEO tool that follow up-to-date and real SEO requirements. It will scan my entire web pages and provide tasks to follow. By following how the AI guides me through these tasks, I can expect targeted traffic to my website. The SEO monitoring tool offers:

  • A definitive solution with real-time SEO rules
  • A step-by-step SEO task specific to your problem
  • AI-based customized On-Page SEO Reports

9. SERPs

Screpy Review
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I have tracked my keyword ranking in Google SERP over time by simply opening the SERP tab and entering my desired keywords. It returns the ranking for the individual keywords and their search engine result pages.

When adding a keyword, it also includes an average position for the keywords I enter. I typically choose between mobile and desktop after entering a country location. It could be a bit of a hassle when I need to track hundreds of keywords – I don’t need to manually enter keywords I want to track. The trick is to let one keyword bring back a list of keywords from a file I can upload.

10. Auto-Generated Tasks

If you are like me, who has to juggle many schedules with clients, maintaining a website can be stressful. That’s why I love the auto-generated tasks, artificial intelligence that will notify me of essential data about specific tasks needed to better my site. I will also get alerts for the results of every task. It is like a light in the dark because the auto-generated tasks can give me:

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step guideline
  • Guaranteed 100% SEO score
  • Projected impact for each task

11. Project Issues

Notices, Warnings, and Issues are the three sections I see on the “Issues” tab. It is easy to find issues on my website by clicking the “actual” button. By selecting the “crawler” from the issue page, I can get an overview of my site using this complete tool optimization website.

Next is to click on the issue it lists to view the affected pages on my site. I can also get the complete number of keywords found in the “content” tab. It will give me detailed issues about low word count, low content ratio, description problems, title issues, etc. I love getting relevant data about the affected pages, including technical SEO suggestions and how to resolve them by clicking on each issue.

12. Syntax Checker

The syntax checker of this great tool allows me to identify the code errors on my site. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about anything harming my SEO because I can easily find and fix issues like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML errors.

13. Image Analysis

With Screpy’s image analysis feature, I can check and analyze images on my site for issues like Slow Images, Large Images, Broken Images, Missing Titles, Missing Alt, etc.

14. Link Analysis

The Link Analysis tool helps analyze links on my site, such as Noopener Links, Noreferrer Links, Nofollow Links, Dofollow Links, Anchor Links, External Links, Internal Links, and Broken Links.

Screpy Plans and Pricing


Let me add that Screpy also provides different budget-friendly options for different people. Every price plan has some features available, including:

  • On-Demand Analysis
  • Notifications
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Keyword Credits
  • Analysis Credits

You can go to their pricing page for a detailed breakdown of all the inclusions for each price tier.

Screpy Review – Pros and Cons

To help you determine if Screpy is what you’re looking for, I’ve broken down the tool’s pros and cons below:

Screpy Advantages – The Things I Love About It

One of the things I love about Screpy is the easy-to-use interface and how the tool has made me an SEO genius who can track their SEO progress and results easily. It is a perfect all-in-one SEO solution that is affordable, AI-powered, and easy to use.

Completely AI-Powered

Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and learning. As a result, Screpy can quickly adjust and integrate new SEO techniques into its algorithms as they are developed. In this context, I rest assured that I’m constantly using the most effective and latest SEO practices.

W3C Validator

Another tool I love about Screpy is this handy tool called W3C Validator. You can use it to resolve general site errors that can harm your SEO. For example, the validator will scan my website for any CSS and HTML errors I need to fix after entering my site’s URL. So I feel great that my site complies with W3C standards and is error-free.

Free Website Testing

Are you looking to check your site’s SEO health and want to know if there are potential issues with it? You can get this done freely, courtesy of Screpy! The software will run a comprehensive analysis of your site by entering your website URL. I get results of common SEO issues like meta tag issues, broken links, site speed, etc. But, the best thing is I can do this for free!

Auto-Generated Tasks

For a busy business owner like me, the auto-generated task tool in Screpy is a huge time-saver. However, I love that it requires me to enter my targeted keywords and site URL to get a list of tailored SEO tasks I need to complete to improve my site’s ranking. How cool is that? You don’t need to try to remember what you are required to do or manually create to-do lists because Screpy has you covered on that.

Screpy Disadvantages – The Things I Don’t Like About It

One of the things I remember putting me off is how tricky it was to find my way around the setting when I used Screpy for the first time. However, the tool’s interface is getting more intuitive since they appear to update frequently. Also, improving navigation by updating their website tends to confuse me. I’m not getting in-depth information on the tasks to perform, even though I can identify issues with my site. Sometimes, it is even more challenging to navigate.

Another thing I don’t like about Screpy is the missing backlink tracking abilities. It could be helpful if users could link and pull errors directly from Google Search Console. Also, it has no comparison tool for competitors. Finally, setting up a new project can take several hours.

Who Is It Most Useful For?

This tool is most helpful for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing teams. While a basic understanding of SEO helps, it is optional since they created Screpy for non-technical users.

You can go for the Lite Plan if you are a small business owner with fewer than three websites. However, the most popular choice is the Pro Plan. I recommend signing up for the Pro Plan even if you only have one website because you can use additional features to boost your SEO efforts.

Who Is Screpy Not For?

Screpy is obviously not suitable for companies or individuals with no online presence, since the tool analyzes and identifies websites and SEO issues.

Social Proof/Customer Experience

While I believe that Screpy is the most convenient and easy-to-use software for your SEO campaigns, you don’t have to take my word for it. Screpy has helped me improve the details related to SEO while checking my website. In addition, it offers solutions while flagging potential issues. However, here are a few things other users have to say about Screpy.


review 2
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review 1
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Alternatives to Screpy

While Screpy will help you increase your website rank with ease of configuration, other SEO auditing tools offer reliable presentation and perfect SEO tools to rank your website. These tools have great features with a fantastic SEO toolset.

Here are my recommended Screpy alternatives:

1. Semrush

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Semrush is a fantastic software that lets me optimize my site for search engines. I audited my website using this software, fixed the issues, and looked for targeted keywords. You can also get plenty of information to identify link-building opportunities, create new web content to attract traffic, and discover search intents on Google.

In addition, Semrush has valuable tools for social media, competitor research, PPC advertising, SEO, etc. I sometimes use the software to carry out link building, rank tracking, site auditing, keyword research, etc. You can also use Semrush to track and monitor how your keywords are performing on Google after using it to dig out the most crucial keywords that can help you beat your competitors.

Key Features

  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Competitor PR monitoring
  • Paid Advertising
  • Market Analysis
  • Content Marketing Analytics
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Management
  • Rank Tracking
  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • On-Page SEO
  • Keyword Research


  • One-stop solution for SEO
  • Identifies toxic elements
  • Provides detailed visitor data
  • Reasonably priced
  • Thorough and intensive keyword research


  • Inaccurate ad spend data
  • Hard to get your head around
  • Too many notifications to keep users hooked on their services
  • Not a friendly user interface

Plans and Pricing

Click here to start using Semrush.

2. Ahrefs

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Ahrefs is a complete and powerful SEO analysis tool. This SaaS-based SEO suite will allow you to check your domain or those of your competitors for site structure, backlink profile, keyword ranking, domain ranking, etc.

The main purpose of using Ahrefs is to check backlinks, but it can do more than that. It has a suite of tools that help me plan my content and optimize my website for Google SERP engine results. The tool is designed to achieve organic search growth with content.

Key Features

  • Website Analytics
  • Web Tracking
  • SEO Management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Localization Automation
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Data Import/Export
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audit Management
  • Web Traffic Reporting
  • Referral Tracking
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Link Management


  • Clickstream data in the keyword section for more accuracy
  • Up-to-date information and accessible on demand
  • Reports on competitors’ top visited pages
  • Novel and detailed metrics
  • Complete SERP analysis and features
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Return rates and clicks for SERPs
  • Largest backlink database
  • Comprehensive social share information
  • The most extensive web crawler among SEO tools


  • Non-robust web traffic stats
  • No outreach tool
  • No relevancy score in keyword suggestions
  • No integration with Google Search Console or Google Analytics
  • Restrictions and low limits on the $99 plan

Plans and Pricing

Click here to start using Ahrefs.

3. SE Ranking

SE ranking
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If you’re looking for a flexible and scalable SEO tool with the ability to get a sneak peek into your competitors’ marketing efforts and check the quality of your backlinks, let me introduce SE Ranking to you. This software has become one of my main SEO tools that let me perform website audits and track my keyword performance.

This all-in-one SEO tool also boasts all the marketing and analysis tools that SEO experts need in one place. I love this tool because it offers incredible value for money, particularly regarding the quality of data I can access. It also has a massive database of keywords and links, making it one of the best rank-tracking tools on the market.

Key Features

  • Auditing
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Mobile Search Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Rank Tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Content Management
  • Link Management
  • User Management


  • An XML Site Map Generator for index on Google and other SE
  • Excellent page crawler
  • Amazing backlink checker
  • Website audit with a list of issues to fix
  • No extra cost for the white-label features with detailed and customized SEO reports
  • It is easy to set up the SEO campaigns
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • It allows you to check ranking at the city level


  • Searching for keywords can take a long time
  • It can be confusing for anyone new to the SEO space
  • Limited ranking updates in the Essential plan
  • Lack of advanced functions for social media analytics

Plans and Pricing

Click here to start using SE Ranking.

A Blogger’s Screpy Review: How Screpy Helped Me Improve My Blog’s SEO

As a blogger, I know the importance of ranking my web pages. I know every page on my site needs an SEO professional’s attention. But how do I go about it? How do I go about making those pages relevant to SEO and visitors? What do I do to make them indexable and crawlable by search engines?

Then, Screpy came to my rescue with the Syntax Checker features.

The Syntax Checker helped me optimize my website performance. The feature understands what every page on my site needs to make it rank higher in the SERPs. Thus, it checks and fixes errors on every page of my site. In addition, it listed all available spiders, one per line.

All it required of me is to use the editor defined in the editor environment to edit the given spider. Screpy offers this convenient shortcut for this command. Overall, this feature allows me to check error codes on my site. These are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML errors that could harm my SEO. The feature allows me to find and then fix them.

Final Thoughts About Screpy

I hope my Screpy review has given you insights into how it is necessary to have a tool like this to keep my website in top shape. As I mentioned, Screpy has powerful features like Page Speed Monitoring, Keyword Tracker, Crawler, Content Analyzer, and more. However, the Auto-Generated Tasks is one of my favorite tools since it acts like an assistant that can watch my site 24 hours a day without any additional charge.

So, if you are ready to check out Screpy:

Click here to get started for free.


Before you leave, I have something special for you:

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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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