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The general belief is that Google Analytics can provide essential data as the main power behind digital analytics. However, you will need the services of a specialist to understand how it works. A new tool is in the market that sets the bar higher regarding providing businesses with data they can trust. That tool is Oribi.

The team behind the software designed it to resolve all the issues Google Analytics users may face. It offers users to be data-driven without any headache or need to hire an expert. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself without allowing the software to convince you with this review.

This piece will discuss how the software works and what makes it different from all other analytic tools on the market. So, if you are ready to know how it can help you optimize and analyze your marketing efforts, let’s get right into it.

Oribi Review – What is Oribi?


Oribi is a no-coding, full-cycle digital analytics software for any entrepreneur who wants to improve their business results. You won’t need any specialist to get actionable insights when you use this tool. It will collect all visitors’ actions on your site, including pages they visit and each button they click. The product is intuitive, user-friendly, and anyone with any level of digital analytics knowledge can use it.

The spectacular overview of this software is one of the first things you will notice when using it. While performance and other considerations take precedence over attraction, it may not matter at all. Instead, you will see everything you need neatly presented in one dashboard, thanks to this exciting and attractive layout.

Apart from that, the software presents simple-to-understand insights, and you can easily change them as a result of these observations. With these insights also, you can drive conversions and optimize your marketing efforts. The software aims to make statistics available for users, and its functionalities represent this ideology.

If you want web analytics software that shows you all the results you want quickly, this tool is your perfect choice. The web analytics tool is super easy to set up for any less data-savvy person. It collects all events automatically without any need for coding. The software also updates any changes on your website.

1. What Makes Oribi Different?

Oribi is a versatile software, and those behind it designed it to help businesses in different situations. This software is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the analytics industry since you will not get more data but actionable insights. Only a tiny segment of people can access this field before. With this tool, millions of businesses can now access it. In addition, the application is the only AI-based technology that helps businesses of any size become entirely data-driven.

Custom Reports

As a marketer or agency who wants to understand how you can generate more leads for your customers, you will need to get reports from your clients and spend a lot of time analyzing these reports. With that, you can pull out some insights from their knowledge. Next is presenting those insights to your clients to understand them better.

With Oribi, there’s no need to worry about this. Instead, the tool will pre-generate these insights with the opportunity to adjust them so that your clients can have a clear idea of the result.

2. Oribi Features – Solving Your Sales Funnel Headaches

Effectiveness is the most challenging aspect of trusting a small business over a big one. You will need to know the tool’s integration if you want to try this software. Therefore, note that it is critical to understand where the application stands regarding its features to make a firm decision. Analytics tends to be pretty confusing, but this tool makes things easy with some of the following features.

Marketing Attribution

Market attribution

Social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, or even Google do not have the same touchpoints. Thus, you may have a significant issue at hand when dealing with different platforms at the same time. However, this software connects these touchpoints automatically. Therefore, the tool will relieve you of going through the hassle of marketing activities, and you can:

  • Define the perfect acquisition strategy to meet all your goals
  • Choose various models to keep track of all of your activities
  • Uncover all the involved touchpoints in a conversion


Why would anyone spend hours making a report when they could make a report in one click? You can share the excellent customized reports from the tool with others. You can create an insightful report without keeping track of all prospects since the software keeps track of your steps. With it, you can:

  • Schedule your reports to share them automatically with others
  • Customize the data, logo, and look of the report as you like
  • Have exceptional marketing reports to flaunt your work to people

Visitor Journeys


Every visitor has a different intention when visiting your site. As such, counting everyone who comes to your site can be difficult apart from an easy understanding of every visitor’s pattern. However, this software allows you to know every visitor’s standard way. You can track what makes them bounce off and their interest. With it, you can:

  • Keep track of a single visitor through multiple domains and different sessions
  • Use the software’s smart filters to keep an eye on every segment’s journey
  • Match your visitors’ journey by connecting their email addresses

Marketing Channel Analysis

oribi market analysis

No one wants to end up investing in the wrong channels. That is why the software will guide every prospect for your business, unlike other analytic applications. With that, you can have a clear indication of the potential profit-making media. In addition, the tool can quickly acquire the most engaging channels once it helps you spot them, leading to a greater conversion rate. You can also:

  • Utilize the software’s UTI to compare several campaigns
  • Evaluate how much each channel contributes to your conversion rate
  • Spot opportunities as you constantly stay on top of new referrers

Funnels and Correlations

oribi funnels

You don’t want to stop at that if you are getting consistent traffic to your website. You will need to drive more and more traffic every day by consistently optimize your website. With the software’s optimization features, you will know what works and what does not for your website, and you can:

  • Never miss anything with the tool’s exceptional insights
  • Know which events drive maximum conversions for you
  • See when you lose prospects, even across domains

Other exceptional features of the software include:

  • Multiple sites management
  • User interaction tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Goal tracking
  • Alert notifications
  • Time-on-site tracking
  • Heatmaps

3. Oribi Pricing and Free Trial

Marketing Agency$1,350/month

4. Oribi Advantages – The Things We Love About It

Many features of this software endear us to find it perfect for our business, including straightforward setup and usage, a smart algorithm, and the right set of features to do the heavy lifting for us. In addition, we like that the tool not only displays numbers but also encourages us to ask the right questions, and alerts us about anything worth noticing while providing smart insights.

Funnels and Correlations

Know what works, what does not, and what to do to drive more conversions through the software’s optimization features. You will:

  • Never miss anything with its insights
  • Get any events that can drive conversions
  • Uncover the point you lose any prospect, even across multiple domains

In-Depth Insights

indepth insights

As with the fifth Google Analytics constraint, a considerable difference separates understanding what is going on and figuring out its reasons. If you stick to other tools, progressing to the ‘what’ won’t happen. However, Oribi makes sure you access millions of statistics to know what happens to your business and website. You will also learn how conversions diminish from one month to the other.

The best definition we give Oribi is being an event-based analytics technique. When you figure what contributes to the surge or decline in conversions, you can continue to enhance the service. And when it goes well the first time, you will know how to do it over and over.

Events-Based Analytics

If anyone had to sum up other similar analytic products and Oribi in a simple comment, it would be that others, like Google Analytics, refers to traffic. At the same time, Oribi emphasizes transactions, clients, and activities. Since conversions and events data are pretty critical, this part is a significant weakness for those applications. Without these data, businesses may not be able to refine their advertising campaigns. With this upgrade, you can get limitless opportunities to improve your landing pages and content strategy.

Support and Guidance

Even though Google is one of the world’s largest corporations, it can be challenging to call their customer service representatives. Essentially, people will appreciate a helping hand with the complexities of Google Analytics. Sadly, your only choice is a help forum and support center. Though understandable, it is however annoying with this lack of options by Google. Oribi has an excellent customer service team that people can reach through email or text.

Multiple Dimensions

oribi multiple dimension

Other tools on the market will limit you in dimensions, which could be relatively ineffective when you attempt to see where you can improve your data as you examine them. For example, you can have insight into how many people come to your site through Facebook, phones, or from the US. However, you can’t achieve it if you want to change things somewhat and start with the venue. These tools won’t give you a report on how many visitors used a single system, landed on a particular website, or came from a specific advertising channel. With Oribi, you will get three dimensions instead of two in your information-driven campaigns.

Individual Tracking

Knowing where groups and individuals are heading is useful. However, there will be a time when you need to dig a little deeper, and Oribi comes in for this job. This portal also allows access to the data on specific customers. You will discover their actions, how they interact with your content, and who they are.

Other tools are limited in this respect. As such, they bury a treasure trove of information, which Oribi opens up for you. You will know what sites people look at, when a brand registers, the city of their registration, and all the information about them. This software answers all the questions concerning your leads’ typical paths when they come to your site from different platforms.

5. Oribi Disadvantages – Things We Don’t Love About It

One of the downsides of Oribi is the inadequate reporting feature. The software can only provide reports in a PDF format from the reporting part, which tends to be limiting regarding what data to include or exclude. Another disadvantage is the higher monthly price. You will incur a higher cost when you buy the product for one month. Some users don’t know what drives traffic to a specific product, and they can’t exclude particular URL parameters using filters. While we like this product due to its excellent customer service, people still complain that they sent several emails with slow or no response.

6. Who Is Oribi For?

Oribi can meet the requirements of different businesses regardless of their specialized niches. Developers guarantee efficient marketing and analytics solutions to organizations, companies, marketing agencies, eCommerce projects, and much more. Software development or SaaS teams aiming to increase users’ awareness while selling their products will also find this software handy.

The tool also provides analytic solutions that can work for pharmacy and real estate projects. In addition, you can use this software if you deal with online training, coaching, delivering other educational services, running booking, or event planning websites.

Businesses and Agencies

The businesses and agencies that wish to know everything about their potential clients will find this software perfect for them. The system makes it easy to stick to the most effective marketing channels, compare and contrast all current marketing platforms, generate in-depth reports, and create data funnels and correlations.

Sellers and Merchants

Sellers and merchants will also find Oribi ideal to sharpen and customize their marketing campaigns and get the right insights. With that, they can understand their targeted audience’s needs while selling more products.

You won’t find the software as just any analytic tool as you can invest in the proper marketing channels since optimizing your digital assets and costs becomes pretty simple. In addition, you don’t need any special technical knowledge or background to use it. You don’t need to hire developers to set up Oribi.

7. Who Is Oribi Not For?

Businesses or companies that do not use data for efficient and speedy marketing efforts may not need Oribi. This software is also not for you if it is expensive for you. Generally, offline businesses may not need to use this software.

Customer Experience

With several businesses using Oribi due to its efficiency and speed in collecting valuable data to understand websites’ performances, many users find it a flexible application. That is why Tetiana Bykutina, a talent acquisition expert, finds the tools effective and easy to use, and it has been an excellent success for their web management. Likewise, Erin Sullivan has been using the software to understand how to engage potential clients, and it has been pretty easy to understand the information the software provides.

However, master stylists and digital marketing expert Marshall Evans do not share the same view with Erin because the tool’s reporting features are not where he wants them to be and prefers to export individual data screens into a PDF format. However, Evans sees this tool taking the most crucial part of website analytics into an easily digestible, discoverable, and viewable format for his business.

Andrew Linder, a small business owner, finds the tool to be far more insightful than Google Analytics. At the same time, Ruth Ng mentions that the software has a clean interface compared to Google Analytics. However, she finds the insight not as customizable as one might think.

Oribi Review – Alternatives

While Oribi is one of the outstanding analytics tracking software on the market, other similar analytic tools offer accessibility for everybody to integrate data from web pages. Many of these applications take the essential aspects of website analytics and turn them into an easily accessible layout for their clients and web admins. They can offer data users need to see across channel attributions, measure conversions, and make decisions about website optimization.

1. Matomo


Known as Piwik, Matomo is translated into more than 50 languages and used in more than 190 countries with over 1.4 million websites as a principal open-source web analytics platform. On-premise and cloud are the product’s two different hosting options. The self-hosted, open-source, and free PHP/MySQL software is the on-premise users can install on their server, giving them maximum flexibility.

However, they can take the hassle out of installation through its cloud option. As a premium conversion optimization and web analytics tool, developers designed this software to give users the most conclusive insights with a comprehensive range of features like funnels, eCommerce, form analytics, goals, session recordings, and heatmaps.

You can get real-time updates on your visitors’ details and track business objectives through its goal conversion tracking features. It is also easy to measure and identify user’s interaction with your website through its event tracking. Finally, you can experiment and run A/B tests with its A/B testing that will help you optimize website campaigns.

Key Features

  • Site speed and page speed reports
  • Page overlay
  • Pages transitions
  • User segmentation
  • Geolocation
  • Custom variables
  • Custom dimensions
  • User cohorts
  • Roll-up reporting
  • Advertising conversion export


  • Beautiful and simple interface
  • Clear-to-understand and in-depth reports
  • Users can save data in their database and install it on their server
  • Customized and easy-to-use features
  • Easy to install different plugins from the marketplace


  • The interface needs more enhancements
  • Essential analytic plugins that need constant upgrades and maintenance
  • It offers not many features
  • The web UI is relatively slow
  • The mobile SDK could be better

Click here to get Matomo.

2. Woopra


Woopra redefines how businesses understand, analyze, engage, and retain their clients as a customer journey analytics solution. Developers designed the platform to fuel growth and optimization throughout the whole customer lifecycle. It aggregates analytics reports by leveraging individual-level data for complete lifecycle insights that channel departmental gaps. The tool has a proprietary tracking feature that tracks user experience across your mobile applications, products, or website. In addition, you will get more than 50 one-click integrations with partners like Intercom, Marketo, Salesforce, and Segment to unify different data points across teams and tools seamlessly.

You can see a complete behavioral history for each user through People Profiles when data flows into Woopra. It will reveal their journey from the first visit to conversion and beyond. With this, you can easily create more personalized support and experience for every engagement.

Key Features

  • Automate batch tasks
  • Integrations action triggers
  • Behavioral triggers
  • Retention and churn
  • Trends reports
  • Customer journey reports


  • Easy to set up
  • Intuitive interface
  • Exceptional metrics out of the box
  • Easy-to-configure event triggers
  • Easy to know customers’ priorities and requirements


  • Hard to find data with the new UI
  • Difficult to download complex reports with raw data through the user level
  • Not relatively easy to do anything without developers
  • Cumbersome and complicated to manage online chatting feature

Get started with Woopra today.

3. Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics makes it easy and accessible for online entrepreneurs to enhance their customer experience through its digital analytics for their websites and mobile applications. You can get rich insights into your digital marketing, audience, and websites. The tool is easy to flexible, use, and powerful. You can also discover the channels and messages that earn you the best outcomes as a savvy marketer. In addition, it has testing tools and state-of-the-art features that can help you maximize your digital strategy and create better user experiences, whether large or small businesses.

Key Features

  • Custom reports
  • Flow visualization
  • Audience reports
  • Goal tracking
  • Campaign measurement


  • Use across several devices
  • It is universal
  • Resources at hand
  • It is completely free
  • Decision maker
  • Increased visibility


  • Questionable reliability
  • It is complex
  • Not completely independent
  • It is limited

Click here to try out Google Analytics today.


Oribi is a versatile software that will allow you to obtain data and information from web pages, and you can easily handle the flexible and adaptable analysis it provides. It is easy to use since you can visualize the data and allow easy access to them in an easy-to-manage way. You can navigate the software with ease and adjust your advertising strategies through the information it provides.

The software offers all the data you need to make your website optimization decision, discover cross-channel attributions, monitor conversions, among other things.

Click here to get started with Oribi
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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on Changeaholic.com to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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