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clickflow reviewAre you ready to acquire a higher Google ranking and increase your organic traffic? If yes, you can achieve that and even more with feature-rich SEO tools like ClickFlow. This SEO tool uses bottom-line results to help businesses increase sales and a detailed data analysis for robust custom reporting.

ClickFlow will help grow your market share, increase your sales and revenue while acquiring more customers. It is perfect for digital marketing, drip marketing, and content marketing. If you are curious to know about this tool or how it can help your business, this piece will analyze its features and how it can help you rank on Google.

Without wasting more time, let’s get right into it.

ClickFlow Review – What is Clickflow



ClickFlow works to improve overall organic traffic as a content editor tool for SEO. It is designed to help marketing agencies, SEO agencies, and businesses add relevant keywords to their existing content and test enticing title tags or meta descriptions.

This SEO tool monitors changes across links, on-page content, or titles on websites. With this, you can analyze the search engine results page impact on each adjustment. Thus, you can also test the effectiveness of specific page elements like content blocks or H1 tags. As such, you will gain visibility into return on investment-driven business insights.

The tool also lets you use the content editor to optimize traffic, invite content writers, and determine related keywords. In addition, ClickFlow offers a graphic-like content decay report that allows you to track declining SEO traffic. The centralized platform allows you to monitor word count, readability, or grade of written content while also helping you gain insights into the click-through rate, track keyword rankings, and other metrics.

ClickFlow will present a few things you will need to do first, which implies to be the top growth opportunities for your campaigns. The two main categories for these opportunities include:

  • Pages to run split tests on and
  • Pages with declining traffic

The first category uses the Search Console data to present the pages that get a lot of impressions with very few clicks. This result can be typical when a keyword gets more than 900 thousand clicks with about 900 thousand impressions.

This situation also has nothing to do with a subpar click-through rate. However, many pages often get impressions that you can rank for if you provide a page with some TLC.

This software also highlights pages that are fading, which are pages with content decay. Clicking on the report gives you a complete breakdown of pages under the category, with organic traffic drop-off of that page.

With these two features, you will instantly know where you want to start with this software. Then, when you have identified some of the pages that you want to test, you can dive into the core features of this tool.

Content Decay

Some pages on your website have a massive spike of organic traffic when you first set things up and begin to die down. Worst still, it can be a real pain finding these pages in Google Analytics. However, your pain is about to be something of the past with this SEO software’s content decay feature.

It will identify pages with a significant traffic drop after scanning your Search Console. With that, you will know if your content is outdated and then update it. In addition, you can promote the content again if it requires another round of promo through the Content Relaunch method or improve if it is not up to your standard anymore.

Content Editor

This part of the software will scan the SERPs for your target keywords. With that, you can identify some of the top terms used by top-ranking pages. Therefore, you will know which terms to include in your content.

The feature also allows you to identify the top 10 results and their average word count. With that, you will know whether a long-form or short-form article is perfect for your campaign. In addition, you can write content briefs with this feature. As such, it will be pretty easy to ensure that your content enjoys the required themes before the editing process.


ClickFlow’s bread and butter feature allows you to get more organic traffic to a page on your site. You can use several ways to improve your page rankings, including building backlinks to the page or boosting the loading speed. However, boosting the page’s organic click-through rate is an underrated means of getting higher rankings.

You will have to adhere to some best practices regarding getting more clicks from search engines. That is why it may not be possible to predict how changing the meta descriptions or adding new title tags will impact your click-through rate. Therefore, it is crucial to test any changes that you make. Fortunately, doing this is super easy with this SEO software. Tell ClickFlow the changes you made on the page, and it will start tracking its clicks and rankings over time.

You can check back to see the performance of your test after 30 days. Furthermore, you can maintain the new version if it performs better or alternatively perform another test. You can also start another test using new variables if the page’s original version outperformed the new one.

1. ClickFlow Features – Solving Your SEO Headaches


Every webmaster agrees that content is more important than backlinks regarding ranking. However, it might not matter at all if your article has only a few backlinks to it than your competitors when you have truly great content. As a result, you will have a higher ranking in Google’s SERPs.

Moreover, acquiring plenty of relevant organic traffic to any site requires content optimization. You can rely on this tool to get tons of relevant organic traffic to your online platform through some of these features.

User Management

Team members can collaborate and integrate work using this feature to manage access of multiple users.



This feature utilizes multiple tools to evaluate the search engine friendliness of your online presence.

Mobile Search Tracking

You can track a sites mobile rankings for similar keywords that you can be tracking on a desktop with this feature.

Link Management

This accessible and straightforward feature allows you to manage your links for creative purposes.

Content Management

content management

Content management is about the end-to-end process of distributing, handling, designing, or sourcing content. It is also a set of technologies and procedures facilitating knowledge transmission, management, or collection in any medium or format. Webmasters typically refer to this information as digital content since they store and access it through computers.

Competitor Analysis

This feature allows you to make informed decisions since you can use it to identify competitors’ strengths and strategies.

Revenue Management

This feature is your revenue’s expert management that will ensure your business growth.

Keyword Tracking

This feature will track your website’s most often searched keywords.

A/B Testing

With A/B testing, you will know which app or webpage performs better when comparing the two versions. AB testing will show a page’s two or more variants to users randomly. It also uses statistical analysis to regulate which variant functions better for a specific conversion goal.

Rank Tracking

ClickFlow designed this feature to track rankings of your site for several target keywords.


ClickFlow dashboard

The dashboard serves as a data visualization channel that displays analyzes, and tracks critical performance indicators, metrics, and crucial data points to track the progress of specific OKRs.

2. ClickFlow Pricing

Right now, ClickFlow offers the follow pricing options.

The pricing details are as follows:

Free Trial$1 for 7 days
Starter Plan$109/month
Professional PlanContact for pricing

ClickFlow pricing is quite reasonable given the benefits you can gain from working with this SEO software. For additional pricing details, please refer to ClickFlow’s website.

3. ClickFlow Advantages – The Things We Love About It

One of the things we love about ClickFlow is the advanced reporting. With these reports, you can identify the level of success reached with this platform. Also, apart from that, it boasts the best 50 keywords per page. With this data, you can enhance your copy and even your marketing strategy.

The tool also offers live chat support apart from the notification feature that keeps you updated through relevant notifications about your overall performance, new opportunities, and more. There are also tons of valuable information on how the tool works on the blog and FAQ sections.

You can also get automated reporting whenever you run a test. ClickFlow will record these tests automatically, and you can access them anytime you need them. There is also the revenue calculator to measure how much revenue you obtain from the moment you use the tool. With that, you can inform your associates or partners that you are going in the right direction.

There is also an advantageous feature of single and grouped URLs testing if you have a big website. This testing feature allows you to test several URLs simultaneously, saving you a lot of time. Above all, the SEO effectiveness test is one of the best on the market, making ClickFlow one of the top alternatives. The feature lets you measure the effectiveness of each page on your website. As such, you can target your marketing tactics after obtaining valuable information.

On a broader spectrum, this part of the ClickFlow software is relatively valuable in increasing overall organic traffic for a high-volume target keyword you have good rankings for. Using it will keep you abreast of some tactics you can use to help your results rise steeply with the least effort. The keyword report makes this possible when it suggests specific changes for an individual article. You will have access to lists of keywords your piece is ranking for currently and those that can yield additional traffic.

Ultimately, you will clearly understand what keyword you must target for every blog article selected.

In our experience, you have discovered that most of the SERP competition would constantly lead with some listicle articles. You would realize how sensible this is when you consider it. People will always look for a list that can give them much information to read as they can look for anything that piques their interest as they skim through the piece.

You can update your article to increase your list when you observe that other SERP results utilize volume from the top positions. Then, run this test using the higher number.

4. ClickFlow Disadvantages – Things We Don’t Like About It

Things that we don’t like this much are that users can only have access to the feature of grouping multiple URLs to run larger tests on the premium plan. In addition, the team behind ClickFlow announced a ‘recommendation’ feature, and it has not released it yet. Finally, the tool requires that you have at least 10 thousand organic visitors per month on your website to run and provide effective results.

5. Who is ClickFlow For?

As a sophisticated SEO software, ClickFlow helps businesses, in-house marketers, and marketing agencies to increase organic traffic without the hassle of building links or creating new content. It works best for organizations with a web or engineering team that is open to making changes on their websites.

Businesses that work with marketing funnel on their sites will also find this tool helpful. It is also for those who invest in search engine optimization and content marketing and consider doing this long term. ClickFlow is therefore ideal for companies that drive revenue from their websites.

Also, content writers, either in-house or freelance, can benefit from ClickFlow, as more content will be SEO optimized right from the start.

6. Who is ClickFlow Not For?

ClickFlow will not work for the engineering or web team with no time to make timely changes or perceive SEO as a lower priority. It is also not for businesses that are yet to discover their sales and marketing funnel. Those who believe that SEO is not for them or have not invested in content or SEO will not find this software useful. Finally, start-up businesses will not also find it useful.

7. Customer Experience

There are only a few online reviews at this point in time, given that ClickFlow is brand new. I didn’t need to make use of the ClickFlow support just yet. Hence, I can not comment on this part. Try their free trial or the starter plan for one month if you require more time to test it. I like it, and I am sure it will benefit your business too.

Our Verdict

Overall, Clickflow is a fantastic tool that will allow you to optimize your content in any language and country-specific Google search engine. It will also eliminate unnecessary back and forth, as you can analyze all the top-ranking content without toggling between the Content Editor tool and Google search engine results.

In addition, the Related Questions or People Also Ask features will also improve the chances of your content coming up for most of the related searches presented on Google.

Click here to start your free trial of ClickFlow now!
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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