ClickMagick Review – Is It The Best Link Tracking Software in 2021?

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Traffic is, without a doubt, the lifeline of any online business. As an internet marketer, it is crucial to keep track of your Ad campaigns to ensure they bring in good traffic.

Imagine having the ability to track every visitor’s clicks, figure out where they are coming from, what they are clicking on, and if they are real people or bots. Interesting uh?

Well, this is all possible with the correct link tracking tool.

This post gives you a detailed review of ClickMagick, currently considered the best tracking tool.

Let’s dive in.

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is an effective cloud-based tool used by online business owners and marketers to help them measure, optimize, and develop their marketing campaigns by tracking and analyzing link clicks. In addition, ClickMagick enables them to gain valuable insights on how to maximize conversions.

1. ClickMagick Features – Solving Your (Affiliate) Marketing Tracking Headaches

This link tracking software has robust features, which include:

Bot Filtering

Bot filtering

Besides being overly irritating and messing up your stats, fake clicks, whether innocent or malicious, can cause your Ad budget to waste.

It is, therefore, vital to ensure that you are getting high-quality traffic that you bought as an affiliate marketer.

Bot trafficking is not new, as it’s pretty rampant in the solo Ad industry and the PPC space. However, with ClickMagick, you can control this.

With this tool, you can filter or block bot and spammy clicks, ensuring that your stats are correct and that you’re getting the clicks you paid for.

By blocking the bots, you increase the visibility of the source inside tracking links. In addition, you can keep your affiliate links secure by blocking or segmenting traffic based on IP address and location.

Whether you’re buying or selling traffic, this monitoring tool will help you avoid fake clicks and affiliate marketing scams that can derail your campaign’s efficiency.

Quite remarkable, don’t you think?

Multi-mode Link Rotation

Setting up links in link management can be challenging.

That’s why link rotators are essential for all kinds of users, whether you are running a single Ad that caters to different customers or want to test out your affiliate links.

Click rotators are a form of traffic distribution channel that allows you to send traffic to as many URLs in any way you want and in any order.

ClickMagick offers link rotators to affiliate marketers who want to split their traffic into multiple links to ensure distribution.

This tool’s link feature allows you to combine several URL or landing page links into a single connection, which then divides traffic between different pages.

There are four rotator modes to select from that include:

  • Fulfillment: when the first active URL in the rotator has earned the maximum number of unique clicks listed, the Fulfillment Mode will send all traffic to that URL, including repeat clicks from the same user.
  • Spillover: As repeat users visit the rotator severally, this mode sends the traffic to each rotator one after the other.
  • Random: This sends clicks randomly to all active URLs. You can utilize the randomize method to shuffle the links at random to ensure that the traffic evenly distributes between them.
  • Sequential: Incoming clicks go to each rotator URL, and when it reaches the bottom, it simply restarts at the top.

Using link rotators is beneficial to affiliate marketers as it helps them determine the links that perform better and concentrate their efforts on them, thus saving costs.

Split Testing

ClickMagick split testing

Want to know which of your landing pages are converting the most?

Thanks to ClickMagick’s A/B test feature, you can find out. In addition, this tool’s intelligent split tester allows you to add multiple or single links and send users to different pages so you can see which ones convert better.

Split testing is an essential aspect of conversion optimization, which is the process of improving your web pages and marketing to maximize the rate at which people take the desired action and convert, boosting sales.

Split testing allows you to determine how much traffic you want to send to each of your pages and let the tool do the rest.

After the test is over, you will get notified of the winner, and the traffic will automatically guide you to the winner.

Using ClickMagick for split testing helps you to optimize your tests for sales, engagement actions, earnings per click, and non-manual trials.

It’s a great feature as it helps save you money by avoiding sending a lot of traffic to pages that don’t convert. How awesome?

Multi-platform Retargeting


Using this feature, you can retarget users who have clicked on a link or viewed any content on any web page, even if you don’t own that page.

It is essential to affiliate marketers to promote saving you money by retargeting anyone who had previously clicked on a link.

It’s one of the most outstanding features of ClickMagick as it can increase conversions by using the retargeting pixels code and significantly increase sales.

What’s more interesting is that you are no longer limited to visitors who only land on your pages or click on your paid Ads. You can use pixel clicks from social media, forums, emails, among others.

Engage in some of the most lucrative advertising you possibly can by using multi-platform retargeting to add an infinite number of retargeting pixels to all of your tracking links from any of your retargeting networks you can use.

Traffic Quality Analysis

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also manage the quality of traffic that comes in through those paid links?

Clicking on your links to push up your costs is one of the most malicious strategies used by rivals. The result? Increased spending without accompanying revenues to offset your losses.

The good news is, you no longer have to overspend on wrong clicks. ClickMagick got your back with its click shield. It provides you with instant insights into the kind of people clicking on your links and their likelihood of making a purchase.

In essence, it determines whether the majority of clicks are likely to convert or not. It also has a dedicated traffic efficiency meter that measures your click’s quality rate. Sounds cool, right?

ClickMagick gives you a specific quality score to all your links, so you know the exact kind of traffic you are getting. What’s more? It even alerts you when your click’s quality is suspiciously poor.

The ideal score should be above 75.

Geo and Mobile Targeting


Tracking links and Rotators from the tool allow you to dynamically send visitors to custom pages based on their geographic location or device type.

ClickMagick comes with a setting that allows you to include or exclude specific countries enabling you to maintain high-quality visitors and links.

The available mobile targeting option sends mobile clicks to a different link than the website link. It additionally helps to widen your potential customer base, consequently increasing possible conversions.

This feature is beneficial to affiliate marketers with unique demographic markets allowing them to choose from various options.

It’s also perfect for website owners to make advertisements for their different subdomains. It’s equally valuable for e-commerce sites that choose to use affiliate connections to sell and upsell their goods.

Better still, with the software, you will have absolute control over who sees what. This great feature helps you instantly increase your conversions by sending desktop users to your regular website and mobile device users to your mobile-optimized site. Awesome, right?

Link Cloaker

Monitoring links with long URLs can be pretty challenging.

It requires you to pay close attention to the affiliates that get plenty of traffic and those that don’t. You will also need to classify these links individually upon close inspection, which may be difficult if the URLs are entirely in random codes.

The ClickMagick Cloaker allows you to organize your links so that you can find them more easily. It restructures the long URLs and creates subdomains enabling you to control your links easily.

It is vital because it scares away scammers as no one would want to click on a link that appears to lead to a spam site or scam from the user’s perspective. Interesting uh?

Although there are tons of free tools that provide free link shorteners, none compares to this software link Cloaker creates affiliate links using your domain name.

It is an excellent feature as it helps make you appear more professional and less spammy by allowing you to beautify your links before sharing them.

Real-time Stats and Reporting

ClickMagick Realtime state

Unlike other tools that let you hit several buttons to be able to have a look at your crucial success measurements and figures, this tool allows you to get all the numbers you need quickly and easily.

It includes, among others, ROI, average order value, retweets, Ad spend, and conversion rates.

The five reports available in this tool are:

  • Conversions by Time Report: This displays your conversions over various time frames from hours to months. All stats appear in real-time.
  • Custom Stats Report: Apart from tracking conversions like in the former report, this uses figures to track everything, including sales conversion rates, net profit, unique clicks, cost per action, etc.
  • Daily Breakdown Report: Performs the same functions as the other two reports but breaks them down daily.
  • Flagged Click Report: Lets you see which links generate the most flagged clicks.
  • Sub-ID Stats Report: It’s similar to the custom report but with fewer data sets.

This feature is great as it saves you time.


Besides bringing you sales, pop-ups can help you improve your marketing experience. Pop-ups provide the most effective way of getting people to join your mailing list and sell your products.

The feature lets you collect leads, encourage a bid, share videos, and even add a countdown timer to create a sense of scarcity.

Also, the feature comes with a visual editor that enables you to design your pop-up. The visual editor allows you to add anything to the pop-up, including YouTube videos, tables, and images.

The pop-ups allow you to insert email capture forms for sharing important content with your audience while getting leads.

This feature is that it gives you access to four different kinds of pop-ups, including:

  • Pop-up on load: This occurs when visitors land on a landing page, allowing them to connect with it right away.
  • Exit Pop-up: This appears when a visitor leaves your landing pages.
  • Delayed Pop-up: This occurs after a certain amount of time has passed.

What’s more? You don’t need to own a website or pages before displaying these pop-ups.

Link Tracking

Catching the right people is key to a good advertisement, right?

Also, determining who clicks your links or the origin of these clicks is essential in determining who your actual market is.

Relying on the stats provided by your marketing apps, including affiliate networks, shopping carts, Ad networks, etc., isn’t enough. Singly, they lack the data points needed to develop correct and actionable market insights.

That’s why you need a tool that understands this. And that’s where ClickMagick comes in. It provides you with a single place where you can see all your primary marketing metrics and actual results with accurate precision, all from a single location.

Tracking numbers can be quite frustrating, especially when you start keeping track of the metrics.


This feature conveniently organizes all your numbers to enable you to keep track of them. Isn’t this awesome?


ClickMagick integrates flawlessly with various other tools including Google Analytics, Email, Facebook, Youtube, and Microsoft suites.

3.ClickMagick Pricing and Free Trial

The software has three pricing plans as follows:

Starter Plan

Costs $27 monthly plan comes with all core features, 10,000 clicks monthly, and allows you to connect up to 2 custom tracking domains of your choice. Google Analytics integration is also allowed.

Standard Plan

It costs $67 per month and comes with all the features in the starter plan plus 100,000 clicks monthly. In addition, it allows you to connect up to 10 domains for your tracking.

Pro Plan

It costs $ 97 monthly and unlimited funnel tracking and domain connections.

The company also offers a 14 day free trial period on all packages, which allows you to test all the features.

4. ClickMagick Advantages – The Things We Love

  • Compatibility with Google Analytics: This software allows you to track all your visitors’ activities in your marketing campaigns.
  • IP manager: With this tool, you can filter or block IP addresses, especially if you don’t want traffic from a few IP addresses.
  • Data import and export: With the tool, you can easily import and export data, which is quite helpful if you change to a new tracking tool.
  • Batch Editor: ClickMagick allows bulk editing of links which saves you a lot of time.
  • Solo Seller system: The app allows you to start a business selling solo Ads.
  • Fast link redirection so no traffic is lost.

5. ClickMagick Disadvantages – Things We Don’t Like

  • Difficulty setting Google Analytics: Although a one-time thing, it can be a challenge for newbies
  • Learning curve: It has some bit of a learning curve to master it fully.
  • No live chats option: It does not come with live chat, which poses a significant drawback.

6. Who is ClickMagick For?

E-commerce entrepreneurs

Online business owners will find the tool helpful for link tracking and click monitoring.

Affiliate Marketers

They are the ideal candidates for the tool.


The tool offers multiple essential tools necessary to bloggers

Solo Ad sellers and buyers

Helps provide incoming and outgoing traffic information.

7. Who ClickMagick Not For?


ClickMagick may not be suitable for a newbie in the digital marketing world with no experience in this area. It may prove too complicated for them.

Few visitors/ limited traffic

You need large numbers to develop accurate figures and estimates for your marketing efforts.

8. Customer Experiences

“ClickMagick has helped me take my business to the next level. It’s straightforward to use, has some excellent one-of-a-kind features, and I have received very prompt and friendly support when needed. I recommend ClickMagick to everyone!” according to Jan Brzeski.

“I have been using ClickMagick for over two years. I have never, ever seen it experiencing downtime. And I am so amazed the links are so stable continuously, at least I know of. I tried a couple of other tracking software to save money, but they are far too unreliable. I wish CM was a little cheaper, but I am not complaining. Thanks” says Andy Thompson from

9. How to set up ClickMagick

These are the steps for setting up ClickMagick:

Step 1: Set up your domain/sub-domain

To set this up:

  • Go to tools, then select domain manager
  • Enter domain and subdomain
  • Add Cname records to your domain registrar

Step 2: Create a link

To create a link:

  • Go to links and select Create a New Link
  • Enter the link name, select tracking link, and the primary URL

Step 3: Funnel Tool Set-up

To set up the funnel tool:

  • Go to Tools, then Funnel set-up
  • Click create

Step 4: Set-up Dynamic Affiliate Links

To do this:

  • Go to create a link
  • Enter the destination URL( Your Affiliate landing page)
  • Under the dynamic affiliate links section, enter the URL of the merchant’s page

Step 5: Set-up the ClickMagick Batch Editor

To set this up:

  • Go to tools
  • Select Batch Editor
  • Click on save changes

ClickMagick Alternatives

Although a great tool, ClickMagick may not be suitable for everybody, especially those with little traffic and newbies.

In this case, it will be necessary to look at other alternatives that may be a good fit for you. These include:

1. Voluum

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Ad Optimization Voluum
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Marketing Automization Voluum
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Voluum is an AI-powered web-based click tracker that helps affiliate marketers, marketing agencies, and bloggers monitor their results. It’s ideal for monitoring affiliate connections, marketing funnels, and landing pages. This software design is to track, optimize, and automate.

It has an excellent Application Programming Interface(API) that provides access for pulling data and processing it locally. Its features include Advanced targeting, A/B testing, access to mobile tracking, and Reporting API.

Want to know more? Check out our in-depth review of Voluum.

It allows you to:

  • Manage traffic and teams
  • Scale your affiliate marketing campaigns that are working
  • Monitor all your advertising campaigns from one location in real-time
  • Optimize Ad performance for conversions via A/B tests.

Click here to get Voluum.

2. ClickMeter

click meter

This organic tracking system focuses on links, affiliate, and conversion tracking. Its link tracking app allows users to monitor, compare, and optimize URLs to increase conversions and gain insights into traffic clicks.

The tracker comes with a click-based link tracking function that helps users track the visitor’s origin and their destination in your marketing funnel.

The tool is suitable for advertisers, affiliates, publishers, and agencies. Users can use it to:

  • Target visitors who yield the best conversion rates
  • Monitor broken links, click fraud, latency, and blacklists.
  • Track views, clicks, and conversions
  • Share with clients, partners, and co-workers.

Get started with ClickMeter today.

3. MarketerMagic (MiniMe Feature)


MarketerMagic is a marketing and conversion software designed to suit the needs of today’s digital marketers.

Among the essential features that come with the MarketerMagic software is the MiniMe feature.

It allows you to customize, track, and optimize all your links. You can use to:

  • Create retargeting links with your embedded Facebook and Google pixels.
  • Easily split links and track them to determine the one with better conversions.
  • Create deep links that automatically redirect to native apps for more conversions.
  • Create a link tree that allows you to develop a single connection for all your profiles.

Click here to try out MarketerMagic today.

Our Verdict

There you have it! All you need to know about ClickMagick.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are a serious affiliate marketer looking to take your business to the next level, this is the right tool for you. Beyond any doubt, it’s a fantastic tool with many features to give you conversions.

Well, we can’t overemphasize the importance of using link trackers in your marketing efforts. It can either make or break it. This tool has everything you will ever need to track every effort you put into your marketing campaigns.

Go Ahead and Try ClickMagick Now


Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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