Ultimate Monday.com Review 2021

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Effective project management requires using project management software, and monday.com, as suggested by the monday.com review, is considered a good candidate in the industry. This software takes pride in providing projects, processes, and teams the necessary equipment and adjusting to workflows and emerging needs.

It simplifies work by offering various ways through which teams and users can analyze data, and it also automates manual tasks. As many companies and industries continue to grow, the need for project management and tools increasingly becomes an essential part of development.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Project Management Software

Nothing is more relieving than finding the right tool for the tasks ahead. For anyone looking for project management software, here are the top factors to consider.

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Having software that can perform the required tasks is the top priority. When scouting for project management software, ensure that it fulfills this requirement. The more the tasks it can perform, the better for business departments and the more efficient it is for a company’s operations. Be sure to look out for various features in a project management software and how they fit business objectives. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: mouse-pointer” icon_size=”25″]

Ease of Use

The goal of the software is to make work easier and get started upon purchase. An excellent user interface is crucial. The user experience measures the quality of a user interface. Therefore, a good tool should help users navigate and find the appropriate functionalities without any difficulties.

In addition to an exemplary user interface, the tool must be straightforward to use without extensive training. Time is a great asset in the business world. As such, the tool should be easy to understand and straightforward for all users to avoid delays. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: signal” icon_size=”25″]


The business world has a lot of dynamics. Hence, its environment is bound to unusual changes. It is, therefore, essential for the tool to be agile to meet specific business demands. A good tool should be able to integrate and support future business operations.

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Every organization meets diverse needs, and as such, so are the operations. Settle for a tool that can be configured to meet various business patterns and demands.[/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: cloud” icon_size=”25″]


A good project management software should allow users to access it from anywhere in the world. In order to support remote workers, it is crucial to ensure the tool is accessible to all. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: user-secret” icon_size=”25″]

Data Security

Safeguarding information is critical to the business. A tool that allows encryption for data privacy is a huge consideration when scouting for project management software. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: pie-chart” icon_size=”25″]

Real-time Reporting

Time is an important aspect, and users must know how they are doing in various projects at any particular point in time. Hence a tool that allows real-time reporting will help users get current progress status. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: puzzle-piece” icon_size=”25″]


Communications between software are critical for excellence and efficiency in operations. Therefore, it is paramount to check that you select a software that allows seamless interoperability with other applications and software. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: phone” icon_size=”25″]

After-sales Support

Customer service is crucial not only during the purchase of the product but also after buying the tool. Looking for project management software with excellent after-sales support ensures fast diagnosis of issues that may arise using the tool. [/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: money” icon_size=”25″]


Buy software with reasonable pricing based on the prevailing market value. Check for software that meets fits your budget. Choose a tool that allows paying as you go payment option or with tiers based on the functions necessary to your business. [/su_icon_text]

What is monday.com?

Monday.com, previously called dapulse, is a leading resource management software for projects and tasks. The platform helps teams to plan, organize, assign and track work efficiently.

monday.com interface multiple views
monday.com interface examples

Monday.com review provides information about the platform, allowing departments to brainstorm on projects, create realistic goals, and plan how to accomplish the tasks. Team leads use the platform to involve team members in making decisions on how to approach the business projects before them.

Typically, teams login and find assignments they need to perform with regular updates and status reports for tasks.

Departments use this platform to ensure proper communication on what needs to be done if someone is not available for work. Such information makes it easy to pass work assignments from one person to the next.

The software allows teams to see the time required to perform tasks, get notified of any changes, and find the interdependence between teams. Therefore, all team members have a clear understanding of who is supposed to do specific roles and their progress.

The platform allows teams to use project management software to track more than one project concurrently. Moreover, teams can schedule work based on the number of tasks to be performed and the human resources at their disposal.

Key Features of Monday.com

Monday.com has several special features that push organizations to adopt its use. Here are some of Monday.com’s top features.

monday.com intergrations
monday.com integration options
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The integration feature is the most remarkable trait that sets monday.com apart from the rest, as put across by the Monday.com review. This characteristic allows the users to connect their Monday.com account to other applications used by their team members.

For instance, what happens if I integrate Mailchimp into my monday.com account? The monday.com review implies that I can easily and automatically update my mail listing on the board and find out how the email campaigns are doing within the board.

Monday.com review suggests that the platform allows the user to integrate with about 288 project management tools and over 50 mobile applications. Some popular applications one can integrate with include: Jira, Stripe, Mailchimp, Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google calendar.

Using the integrations monday.com review generates, users avoid time wastage and inconvenience of copy-pasting information from one application to another.

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Some tasks depend on others to work, and the repetitive process is not only dull but tedious. In order to minimize such manual tasks, there is thus a need for automation.

Simply put, automation involves “if this happens, do this.” Some tasks, therefore, act as triggers for the performance of other tasks or actions.

Monday.com review suggests the software dashboard through automation helps you assign tasks when others are complete or attain a given status.

To clarify this point, consider this example. If sales representatives make sales worth over $200, they must notify the accounting team and the sales team leader.

Simple automation could be to send automated emails to notify the parties involved. Such automation means that the sales representative does not need to keep sending emails after attaining the $200 mark in sales.

Automation helps users to save time and reduce human error.

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Resource Allocation

Adequate allocation of resources to projects and team members allows them to perform their tasks well and efficiently. Monday.com, as suggested by the monday.com review, helps users to track expenses and budgets towards activities.

The workload feature allows managers to assign tasks and know which employee is performing what tasks. Such information allows team heads to allocate enough money to those who are responsible for given assignments.

You can also obtain a breakdown of all expenses per event every month through the numbers widget. This feature is essential when you need to track down the various expenses and check whether you are still within the set budget’s confines.

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Project management’s success depends on having the correct data and making informed decisions based on the information. The reporting tool helps users to visualize the project data and monitor relevant statistics.

The reporting tool allows users to get real-time project information in a comprehensive dashboard. The software allows you to search and filter key metrics and even export them to excel for further analysis or sharing with team members.

The chart view gives more insights to data, allowing users to customize the input values and view data in pie charts, line charts and bar graphs.

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Scheduling is one of the most integral parts of project management. The com says the tool provides users with the ability to organize various task statuses through the multiple status columns. Such arrangement allows for data organization, which enables the user to save time when searching for information.

The tool allows users to monitor and track the duration spent on each task on separate columns. Additionally, there is a shared team calendar feature that allows team members to view the works calendar. As such, teams can know which tasks need to be complete within specific time frames.

monday.com review gantt view
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Drag and Drop View Layouts Options

The project view in the style you want helps you access the contents of the project quickly. The platform allows you to customize your board appearance through the drag and drop feature for easy sorting and data organization.

You can select various font colors to helps you understand your data more. The calendar view helps a team that wants to see data by task distribution by specific periods, months, or years.

Selecting the Gantt chart or timeline view helps track the deadline and know who is busy with which tasks. The kanban layout allows the whole team to map all tasks. Seeing the project the way you like helps users prioritize tasks and easily monitor projects.

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Workflow Templates

The Monday.com review suggests that the platform offers users over 200 pre-built templates so that you can quickly get started with your project. Users get to build a visual board quickly and tailor it to specific business requirements.

The workflow templates allow department heads to build and assign tasks quickly. Your team members can easily update the status of their duties. This feature is essential in tracking who is or not working at any stage of your project.



Collaboration allows the entire team to work as a unit and minimize work conflicts. In order to keep the teams communicating, the platform has chat functionalities that allow users to comment or ask questions about the project.

The file-sharing options allow users to upload and tag specific users on relevant information. The recipients get notified about every file addition, thereby ensuring the flow of information. Teams also notify users on the status report, which helps everyone understand who is performing which duty and how far they have gone.

The tool has a mobile app in iOS and Android to ensure that teams keep in touch when coordinating tasks. Team collaboration is essential in a business to ensure that even remote workers meet expectations and work progress schedules.

Monday.com Review  – The Pros and Cons

  • It is straightforward in creating projects and assigning tasks for teams.
  • Has a simple interface with a color-coding feature that allows users to navigate and process information efficiently.
  • It has a built-in time tracker that allows you to track the time accurately spent on various tasks.
  • Gives users the autonomy to choose how they want to view their projects on the board.
  • It allows easy collaboration of teams by allowing multiple users to edit lists in a given instance.
Cons of Using Monday.com
  • It has so many added features and tools being which may be confusing new users.
  • Not easy to share the same link for various boards.
  • Cumbersome to assign specific comments to particular team members.
  • The speed of the interface tends to be slower as you keep on adding to the board.
  • The member’s activity log is only limited to the item and the board.


monday.com pricing table
monday.com – monthly pricing for 10 seats

Monday.com review highlights three pricing plans. Here, we shall look at the cost for three users. If you require more seats, you can check out the different pricing at

a. The Basic Package

The Basic plan has unlimited free viewers, embedded forms, a single board per dashboard, basic activity log, two-factor authentication, Kanban view, 24/7 customer support, 5 GB storage capacity, and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The plan costs $8 per month for a single seat or a total of $24 per month billed annually.

b. Standard Plan

Priced at $10 per month per seat or total at $29 per month billed annually. This plan gives users a storage capacity of up to 20 GB. You get integrations and automation of 250 actions per month, view five boards per dashboard, and total administrative control.

c. Pro Version

The Pro pricing plan grants unlimited access to guests with a storage capacity of 100 GB. Automation and integrations are limited to 25000 actions every month, with ten boards available per dashboard. Users get multiple view options, including Kanban, Timeline, Calendar, Map, and charts.

The tier costs $16 per month for individual seats or $48 per month for the total. It is also billed once per year.

d. Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is for a business that needs more advanced and comprehensive functionalities. Users enjoy 1000 GB of storage capacity and five years of log activity, 50 boards for each dashboard, 250000 actions per month for automation, and advanced security and account permissions.

For pricing, kindly contact the support team for further information.

Use Cases for Monday.com

Human Resources DepartmentsSales TeamsMarketing DepartmentsEvent Planners

Recruitment and follow-up is a core activity in Human resources projects. The Monday.com review platform helps managers from the initial step of recruiting to the employees’ performance management.

The project management software allows human resources to capture data from forms during interviews for easy shortlisting. Managers get to see summary reports of the interviews with a single click.

Upon employment, managers need to check the performance and number of hours the employees put into work. The tool helps users restrict the number of tasks completed, those in progress, and the number of hours used to tackle each project.

The Monday.com review provides such details are essential in employee appraisal and promotions.

The sales teams use the monday.com review project management software to manage all their sales projects from one central point. Managers can efficiently allocate products for sales to specific representatives.

The platform acts as a database for customer contacts which assist sales teams in making relevant calls. It is also straightforward to see the performance of specific employees as well as products. This information allows sales teams to know top-selling products and learn strategies they can use from top sellers to the rest of the group.

Marketers use this project management software to plan, budget, launch and monitor the performance of various ad campaigns.

Marketing executives can plan for areas that need more attention and platforms that help them get maximum reach to potential customers.

Completion of tasks in one place helps to reduce the time spent in meetings for progress reporting. The software gives users an easy way of seeing approaching deadlines and a seamless flow of information within the teams.

Planning events entails a couple of things, from creating registration forms, social media advertising to actual meetings. This project management software allows you to create invitations and get real-time feedback from prospective delegates.

Event planners get an exact figure of the expected guest, which helps them draft a budget on the items used, such as stationary and hall spaces. Moreover, it helps plan food and drinks for the guests with easy tracking of dietary restrictions and preferences.

The tool makes it easy for you to plan the delegates’ various roles and schedule timings and topics for the speakers.

User Reviews

The monday.com review has users who appreciate the simple interface of Monday.com’s project management software. Here are some of the positive customer stories that I have found during my monday.com review:

Cristian Bolado (National Director of Organizational Development and Support to Governing Bodies, Argentine Red Cross) gave a monday.com review and said:

Monday.com allows their company to use a single platform to centralize their processes allowing them to seamlessly coordinate and communicate.

Read here how ‘How the Argentine Red Cross digitized core processes to increase efficiency and combat the impact of COVID-19’.

Paul Chapman (Chief Executive and Founder, Moneytree) gave a monday.com review and said the following:

he found Monday.com to be flexible since it adjusts to new needs to fill the created gaps and they now use it in the entire company.

Alternatives to Monday.com

In my Monday.com review I would like to highlight the following project management software as possible alternatives:

1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects Interface
zoho.com – zoho projects interface

The internet-based project management software allows users to create and budget for projects. The tool allows teams to collaborate well, ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them to accomplish tasks.

The monday.com review highlights Zoho as a tool that allows users to schedule tasks through Gantt charts and track deadlines using milestone capabilities.

2. Microsoft Project

microsoft project interfaces overview (1)
Microsoft Project interfaces overview

Monday.com review presents Microsoft Project as a powerful project management software that focuses on planning, managing, and delivering projects for businesses of all sizes.

The tool allows users to create and define projects for teams. It has numerous templates to help users get started on their project planning.

The tool helps in scheduling work, managing teams, and tracking project progress. It uses highly interactive dashboards through PowerBI visualization. Such a robust reporting feature allows users to get insights for data-driven decisions.

Microsoft Project allows managers to estimate the cost of projects through the project budgeting feature. Managers can, therefore, be able to do proper resource allocation to various projects and teams.

3. Wrike

wrike interfaces overview
wrike.com interfaces overview

Wrike is another platform that the Monday.com review suggests as a tool for work collaboration and project management. Available for desktop, mobile and web, the tool allows users to develop and plan projects quickly and efficiently.

The software helps automate workflows and create customized request forms to better focus on tasks that mean the most. The tool allows easy sharing of information between members with fast approval for documents and videos.


My monday.com review revealed that monday.com is a stunning project management software that improves your overall operations, helps to avoid conflict issues brought about by miscommunication, risk management, teamwork challenges, and complexities of accountability. It enhances flexibility and integration, allowing users to define project processes using visual concepts effectively.

Monday.com also offers the ability to customize their project management tool to fit your needs and have more control over your projects. It is easy to use and provides an intuitive interface to enhance the user experience. If you are considering a tool that will improve your communication, increase visibility, and support collaboration among teams, Monday.com is the perfect solution for your needs. Click here to check out Monday.com.

Also, contact us today to get your projects done professionally.

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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on Changeaholic.com to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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