BigSpy Review 2021 – Features and Pricing

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If you are someone or a business looking to draw creative inspirations to build winning ads for your marketing campaigns, permit us to introduce BigSpy to you as a perfect solution. You will discover a web-based platform comprising a database of various ads that you can filter when searching ads.

Not only can you track your competitors’ ads and know what is working, but this software also allows you to get creative inspirations for replicating your competitors’ most profitable marketing campaigns. When you access one of its features, you can acknowledge the rank and performance of advertisers through this efficient ad spy software for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, AdMob, Facebook, and others.

So, let’s talk about this remarkable tool, its features, and how the tool can help your marketing campaigns.

BigSpy Review – What is BigSpy?


BigSpy is the number one free and premium web-based ad spy and ad finder software with many features that can efficiently allow users to spy on their competitors’ ads for various platforms like YouTube, AdMob, Facebook, and more. So if you are running a marketing campaign, search engine optimization, or online advert, this software is one of the tools you want to have in your arsenal.

You will have a significant advantage using this tool regarding price and features. It has a vast library of databases covering every niche, ad type, and country. After searching for these ads, you can download them into a local space on your computer to draw creative inspiration for your new campaigns.

The software is also a multipurpose one that can handle different parts of digital businesses like tailing advertising performances, spying on competitors across social channels, or getting creative ads ideas. In addition, the software integration feature allows users to get an instant ad campaign and check all tasks through mobile appliances.

1. BigSpy Features – Solving Your AdSpy Headaches

One of the features you will love about this software is that they designed the tool to be accessible to any user, regardless of your technical savviness. It has a convenient and friendly user interface. In addition, its working mode is typical of any other modern software where you can filter your results based on age, location, or other attributes of the ads according to your preferences.

Digital professionals and internet marketers can enjoy a wide range of incredible features of this software, including:

Social Networks

The multi-platform software connects users to the social media world of advertising. However, free subscription users will get ads from Facebook only. Even with that, you can enjoy in-depth accumulated ads surging from Facebook as you also benefit from the exclusives. As such, you can optimize your advertising creatives, Facebook trends, targeting audiences, and advertising efficiency. Some of the features of this software are rich and not confined to snapshots and images, but videos, which are valuable content for any marketing campaign.

Powerful Search

The software boasts one of the most automated and impressive search engines, making it easy to search for your required creative. There is also the skyrocketing feature of compiled demographics like region, gender, and age. This feature redirects you to a world of dates and specifics. You can also filter your search for dates to get on with the day’s high-flying ads, CTA, countries of preference, items envisaged, or industry. For example, you get an ads database on “keto diet” when you filter the term “keto diet.” With that, you can examine, select, or probably adapt from many of these words for your use.

Advertising Inspiration

ad inspiration

This feature of BigSpy helps to collect the ads that people tracked. Using the ‘people tracked’ feature, you can use this self-service feature to check what people prioritize and patronize. On a broader spectrum, asserting that eCommerce enthusiasts and digital marketers take a different dimensional drive to a successful end tends to be irrefutable. Therefore, this spurs users the idea of viewing the popular and most tracked creative. When you have winning and best ads, you can identify the market niches and competitors’ ads for booming market sales.

Self-Tracking Services


This feature allows you to track your ads’ performances and those of your competitors. As a result, you may not worry about how many people view your campaigns, market performance, or market growth. With this feature, you can analyze and evaluate your ad campaigns’ results and your competitors’ results. The feature also allows you to download the analytics as you track these performances and growth, providing you with access to any campaign’s detailed insight. Therefore, you can understand consumers’ psychometric, identify market trends, and consumers respond to different ads’ formats.

Picking the Perfect Ads


BigSpy has a search entity feature that allows you to identify ‘most viewed’ ads that people tracked. With that, you will be able to choose suitable ads. This aspect is the market’s popular demand and can be on supplier services, brands, or products. With this feature, you can get real-time statistics and social proof, allowing you to identify profitable creatives. In addition, this feature boasts a crafty ability that enables users to choose trending or winning ads regularly. So you can poise for optimism and prepare yourself for a win-win standing with this feature.

Social Media Platform Integrations

The tool is integrated with the top seven social media channels, including Yahoo!, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. You can launch your ads after gaining good insights on different ads performance. With this feature, you can disregard any guesswork since it is possible to track several other ads by competitors and cut across various social media channels to analyze the real-time performance.

Database of Big Ads


The two most crucial aspects of digital business are competition analysis and market research. You can enjoy a substantial, intuitive database with this software. In addition, it gives you insights on millions of ads with all ads you intend to run. Therefore, you will know what works or does not when you can access other people’s ads. Premium users can access valuable data that enable them to access advertising strategies and marketing trends.

2. BigSpy Pricing and Free Trial

Free Trial$0/month
Basic Plan$9/month
Pro Plan$99/month ($3 for 3 days trial)
VIP Enterprise Plan$199 – $499/month
Get started with BigSpy today!

3. BigSpy Advantages – The Things We Love About It

New entrants into online advertising and internet marketing often face the challenges of having inadequate market knowledge. As a result, these marketers resort to A/B testing, experiment, and other marketing strategies that can be time-consuming and expensive for their campaigns.

However, BigSpy comes to the rescue in these regards.

The software delivers a practical and proven technique to dissect all the required data before running any ads through the innovative technologies powering it. It has eliminated the need of getting a course promising your different ways to comprehend your Facebook ads, as it helps you maximize profits from your campaigns.

Sadly, most of the information in these courses is outdated because the market demand and technologies evolve every day. But you can get the help of real-time observation of market changes and trends in consumers’ tastes. Thus, you can choose the appropriate products to promote when you know what the customers want.

With this software, you don’t have to worry about getting any professional to run ad campaigns. However, even as simple as this software is, it is powerful and can harm you to pick up Facebook Ads or other ads on other channels.

In addition, you won’t have to search winning products manually as the software will automatically provide you with daily trending campaigns and offers the intelligence needed to work out ad expenses. With that, you can maximize your ROI.

Furthermore, another pleasant aspect of using this software is the 24/7 support system. The support team can help you with all the technical support you need, and you can enjoy after-sale free guidance and consultation.

The process of guiding users is the best thing you will get from this tool. The company provides many explainer videos that set you on the right track to success. You will find success in your marketing campaigns since they provide audio-visuals in their excellent tutorials.

4. BigSpy Disadvantages – Things We Don’t Like About It

BigSpy is like any other software with its hitches and things users may not like about it. However, there are some areas that the software provider can improve, and some of them are:

No Money-Back Guarantee

The software may not give some users enough satisfaction, and they will love it when they can request a refund. Unfortunately, the software has no money-back guarantee. You cannot get back your money even if you discover that the software is not helpful for your marketing efforts.

Limited Fee Access

The free trial is too limited to provide any user with real value. In addition, free members may not access most of the software’s functionalities.

5. Who Is BigSpy For?

People dealing with online advertising and digital marketing will find this software quite useful since it is an ad spy tool. Therefore, small businesses, freelancers, and affiliate marketers are some of the software’s regular users.

6. Who Is BigSpy Not For?

Businesses and individuals working offline may not need to use the tool. Also, online businesses with no preference for online advertising may not need to use the software.

7. Social Proof/Customer Experience

BigSpy displays some user testimonials on its homepage, and one of these users is Doris. C, a UA manager, claims that this software is the best and cheapest ad spy tool since it allows her to find the right strategies while training her team, learning creative strategies, and winning against the competitive market.

Another user, David D., explains that he has found ad secrets over the database, leading to more successful growth and profit for his startup. As for a user’s review on Capterra, Sam R., a graphic designer, finds the software easy to access with a clean-looking UI. However, his drawback for the product is customer service that he finds pretty appalling.

Eddy K., another user on Capterra, describes the tool as outstanding, explaining that it gives him the ability to analyze or cross-search ads on all social media platforms, which is lacking in other software. So far, he switched from using AdSpy to using the software as he finds nothing wrong with it.

Over at, reviewers like Mahmoud E, informs that he has a wonderful experience using the software. He believes that the team behind it meticulously and carefully studied everything to offer the best results for researchers. As such, it becomes more accessible, and he can get what he wants with the click of a button.

Another digital marketing specialist on, Fabricio B., claims that the software helps him in many things, including finding creatives for his ads and texts.

As you can see, a lot of people love BigSpy and so do I. I came across BigSpy in 2020 when I was searching for a cost-effective ad spy tool to spy on other affiliate marketers’ campaigns to promote Click Bank products via Facebook ads. Check out my article on Commission Hero if you want to know more about this type of affiliate marketing.

Conclusion/Our Verdict

BigSpy offers free, basic, and pro levels, giving it an edge in affordability and pricing. The software reaches virtually all social media platforms. It is a must-have tool for any information marketers, digital professionals, online advertisers, and businesses or individuals looking to gain an advantage through creative advertising and maximize their ROI.

We recommend considering this software if you are serious about maximizing your profitability with ads. Click here to get started with BigSpy. BigSpy’s free ads spy tool will help you make better marketing decisions by learning why and what makes successful ads.

Click here to start your free trial of BigSpy now!

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1. What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is a free and premium ad spy tool for marketing and advertising insight designed to help marketers draw creative inspirations for their marketing campaigns.

2. Is BigSpy Free?

BigSpy offers a free trial of five queries daily with one seat. Users won’t pay for using this free plan.

3. What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a powerful and affordable ad spy tool that allows users to search from more than 20 million Instagram and Facebook searchable databases in over 150 countries.

4. How Do I Spy On Facebook Ads?

You can spy on Facebook ads using a tool like BigSpy to discover the pointers for designing ad campaigns, analysis and research, and keyword provision.

Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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