Super Affiliate System Review 2021 – Is This Affiliate Marketing Course Legit?

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Super affiliate system

Passive income is a buzzword that has changed the approach people had to their nine-to-five jobs. Now, more and more people dream of earning money even after going to bed. One of the popular methods for earning a passive income is affiliate marketing.

So, it makes sense why a comprehensive course on affiliating marketing would gain so much hype. Being an affiliate marketing course, Super Affiliate System claims to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary expertise to become competent in affiliate marketing.

But how practical is this course? Or, is it merely an over-hyped, poor-value course that’s ripping people off? In this review, you’ll find out.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

Super affiliate system

Super Affiliate System is an ‘ultimate blueprint,’ allowing you to start your home-based affiliate marketing business anywhere in the world. The course is taught by John Crestani, who has earned himself a reputed name in the marketing industry.

The course will provide you with all the templates you need to become successful in the world of affiliate marketing. From affiliate network referrals and emails to ads and landing pages, the course covers everything.

It has 42 informational videos along with 34 Show-Me-How videos to take the learners to their Super Affiliate status. The course requires 50 hours of learning time, spread over six weeks.

By the end of this period, you will be ‘zero to hero’ in affiliate marketing.

While it may seem like Crestani and his team have used overly salesy language on the website, there is some level of authenticity in these claims because an impressively large number of people have paid thousands of dollars to take this course.

Moreover, the course has been featured on multiple reputed platforms, such as Yahoo Finance and Forbes.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani

John Crestani is the creator of Super Affiliate System and an Internet marketer. To date, he has been featured in Forbes, Home Business, Yahoo Finance, and other publications.

He made more than $2.9 million back in 2016 from his involvement in several companies. His expertise lies in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, business development, internet marketing, and conversion optimization.

According to the bio on his website, he was formerly a corporate employee who left his job to build something for himself in the affiliate marketing space.

Since then, he has become an internationally popular affiliate marketer and is now on a mission to inspire and teach others about this means of income.

What is the Business Model Behind The Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani

Super Affiliate System is designed to help people build their affiliate marketing journeys from scratch. In doing so, they learn from the following business model curated by Crestani.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Finding the basics of affiliate marketing from the Internet is pretty easy, but Crestani takes it up a notch by introducing learners to his method. It includes the following aspects:


First off, you learn how to market your products to the right people to make profits. That includes a lot of testing, perfecting, and tweaking. The course teaches:

  • Easy ways to target and find the right audience
  • How to get in front of your market demographic
  • How to start paid advertising in just $5 per day

Moreover, the course includes the Million Dollar Swipe File, which has Crestani’s best-performing ads and videos that you can copy into your campaigns.


The Super Affiliate System Pro course also teaches you how to reel in your audience and secure the sale each time. A part of the course is the presell pages that Crestani claims have earned him millions of dollars.

Here are the two highlighting pointers to note here:

  • Done-For-You Presell Pages that have been optimized and can be copied in just 5 minutes or less
  • Instructions on setting up a website for just $2 a month


Finally, the course teaches you which product to sell among the sea of items that are not available to your target audience.

Crestani shares the affiliate offers that he is using himself in the course. Plus, he guarantees that you will be able to make highly converting products sell.

2. Driving Traffic via Facebook Ads

One of Crestani’s strengths mentioned in his bio is Facebook Ads creation. In his course, he also teaches learners how to drive traffic through Facebook Ads to secure sales.

3. Driving Traffic via Google Ads

Likewise, the course also emphasizes driving traffic through Google Ads, increasing revenue channels for affiliate marketers.

More importantly, Crestani keeps updating the course to be in accordance with the current ad-based revenue generation trends and algorithm changes on Google and Facebook. With every new algorithm update, Google’s trends change.

So, it only makes sense for affiliate marketers to tweak their strategies too.

4. Effective Copywriting

The copywriting section of the course is taught by Ronnie Sandlin, who is Crestani’s former student, earning seven figures now.

In this section, students learn five key points about writing a profitable ad and enhance their skills for earning people’s trust.

5. YouTube Ads & Native Advertising

In the fifth week of the course, Crestani teaches how to set up your YouTube ads to scale profitably. He also sheds light on native advertising and tools involved in the process, such as MGID and Outbrain.

Plus, he shares his tried and tested secrets for running profitable video ads on Facebook and structuring advertising campaigns efficiently.

Results of Super Affiliate System Students

Students seem to have benefited a lot from the Super Affiliate System course. While some of them started making money while learning, others started their journey after completing the course.

For instance, Hernan Sebastian earned $250 in profit in just two weeks of watching the course videos.

herman review

In fact, some students started earning money only by doing the exercises or ‘homework’ he gives in his videos. Robert Navas was one of these students who got six sales on Amazon.

These are only tiny accomplishments. People who started their affiliate marketing journeys after completing the course had even better results. Georgina’s Clickbank sales went up the roof in just six weeks of learning from Crestani.

Another happy student of Crestani is Andrew, who was able to quit his job after learning affiliate marketing through the Super affiliate system.

What’s Included in the Super Affiliate System?

According to Super Affiliate System’s website, the total value of what is being offered in the course is $13,223.00, but you’re getting it for a much reasonable price. Here is what students get in this affiliate marketing course.

1. Course Material

The course material includes six weeks’ worth of videos, with each week dedicated to one topic. Students have lifetime access to the course. Here’s the breakdown of each week.

Week 1 – Setup

In the welcome module, Crestani teaches the following:

Super affiliate system week 1

After teaching how to set up your website, Crestani teaches how to use the funnels he has pre-built in two ways:

  • Clickfunnels Method: It costs $19 a month.
  • Manual Method: It is free, but you have to get access to the file manager of your host.

Week 2 – Choose Your Niche

In the second week’s videos, you will learn how to find the right niche for yourself. Plus, it teaches students how to select an ad network.

Week 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills

The third week covers copywriting and headline creation for ads. Moreover, students learn five tips to create a profitable Presell page. Most importantly, Crestani shares his 17-step method of copywriting.

Week 4 – Facebook & Google Advertising

This week is all about leveraging the advertising network on Facebook and Google to generate a return on investment and click-throughs.

Week 5 – YouTube Ads & Native Advertising

The fifth week covers native advertising, setting up YouTube ads, and using a click tracker to optimize your advertising campaigns.

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

The final week’s material is about survey funnels and Facebook conversion rates. The course comes to a close with the solar campaign case study and organization building around affiliate marketing campaigns.

2. Done For You (DFY) Campaigns

With the Super Affiliate System, students also get access to Done-For-You campaigns and other resources that will help them get started.

These include the following:

  • Buyers Data: The buyer’s data list will help students target their customers effectively. According to the website, it is like having a crystal ball – whatever that means.
  • Ad Templates: Crestani has also created ad templates for his students in different industries. So, students can simply drag and drop text into the template and incorporate them into different ad networks to convert customers. The course refers to it as the Million Dollar Swipe File.
  • Presell Pages: For students who have no coding skills, the presell pages come in handy. These are pre-built landing pages that ensure your customers convert starting from the first day.

3. Live Weekly Coaching Sessions

Students also get access to live coaching sessions hosted by Crestani himself every week. These sessions are helpful for people who want to take additional notes and learn a new tip here and there.

4. Super Affiliate System Forum

All students can gather here to interact with each other and get their queries resolved in case they have any. The Super Affiliate Community contains like-minded people that help students stay driven in their journeys towards affiliate marketing.

5. VIP Pass to Affiliate Networks

Crestani has made deals with multiple affiliate networks, making it easy for his students to get accepted into their programs.

What is Not Included in The Super Affiliate System? – Needed Extra Purchases

Although the Super Affiliate System Pro has a number of added resources, some require extra purchases on top of the thousands of dollars you are paying.

  • ClickFunnels – Essential: Crestani teaches about them in the first week of his course, and they cost around $19 a month.
  • Website Hosting: You will also have to pay the hosting fee and buy a domain name. Although the course mentions setting up your website with just $2, we all know it takes more than that to set up a website that isn’t down every other day.
  • Funds to Warm up Ad Accounts and Pay for Facebook or Google Ads: Crestani only provides you the copy for Facebook and Google ads. Learners have to pay for the ads themselves.

Pros – What We Like About The Super Affiliate System

Although there are some prominent shortcomings, the course has some highlighting features on the whole.

  • Starts from Point Zero: Instead of assuming that the student would already have the know-how of affiliate marketing and ad campaigns, the course actually teaches everything from scratch.
  • Additional Resources: These resources are helpful for people who want to use tried and tested methods before coming up with something of their own.
  • Own Pace: Since the course is divided into six weeks and there are only a total of 50 hours of videos, it is quite easy to divide your time and go at your own pace.
  • Not Niche-Specific: Unlike some other courses, the Super Affiliate System is not niche-specific, so everyone can learn from it. Plus, the resources, such as copy for ads, are also available for different industries.
  • Support: While learning from Super Affiliate Systems, students do not have to worry about being left in the dark. They can talk to their peers in the community forums or join the weekly live coaching sessions to get their questions answered.

Cons – What We Don’t Like About It and Why

Here are some shortcomings of the Super Affiliate System:

  • Expensive: At $997, the course is quite expensive. Learners who cannot pay upfront can benefit from the three-month payment plan. But even then, it’s one of the most expensive courses out there.
  • Additional Costs: You don’t only have to pay a grand but also pay for ads and funnels.
  • No SEO Focus: Crestani does not focus on SEO, nor does he go into detail about its role in making your ads a success. So, you have to tread softly and do some learning on your own to make sure you don’t end up losing all your money.

Who is the Super Affiliate System For?

The Super Affiliate System is for people who want to learn affiliate marketing from the first page and do not mind paying almost $1000 for it.

Moreover, it’s ideal for individuals who are completely into the idea of affiliate marketing and are not skeptical about its effectiveness since Crestani specifically mentions that the course won’t help people who approach it with skepticism.

Who is it Not For?

The Super Affiliate System may have its pros, but it’s not for everyone, especially if you are not yet ready to pay a grand for a course. More so, if you want to understand the SEO perspective of affiliate marketing, you should opt for another course.


The course is priced at $997. However, if you cannot pay upfront, you can avail the installment plan, with each of the three payments being $397. So, you have to pay $1191 if you opt for the three-time payment option.

Learners also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you think the course is not for you, get your money back and leave. However, there are certain claims that Crestani does not honor the refund policy.

Add-on Options

If you get the Super Affiliate System in a certain time frame, you can avail some free bonuses, such as a call with John Crestani, which the website claims costs $5000 otherwise.

Similarly, you get an extra login for your business partner or spouse to get their moral support. Again, the website claims it would cost you $997 otherwise, but with ‘fast action’ – which simply means getting the course the same day – you can benefit from this feature for free.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on Super Affiliate System’s website are all overly positive and claim that the course works. You can see more of them in the Results section above. Some of the video reviews are also available on YouTube.

However, we could not find reviews for the course on any third-party website other than TrustPilot, where it has a poor rating of 2.8 from three reviews only.

FAQ Super Affiliate System

1. What is the Super affiliate system?

The Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing course created and offered by John Crestani that covers different aspects of affiliate marketing, such as copywriting, Google and Facebook ads, scaling, audience targeting, and more.

2. Is the Super Affiliate System legit?

It would be wrong to say that there are no concerns about the legitimacy of the Super Affiliate System, partly because of its ‘salesy’ approach and partly due to Crestani’s past scandals. But real students who have taken the course claim that it has helped them immensely.

So, while it may not be for everyone, the Super Affiliate System is legit and could be potentially useful for people who can match Crestani’s level of dedication and enthusiasm.

3. Is the Super Affiliate Network free?

Initially, joining the Super Affiliate Network is free, which means you can create an account with your email address. After that, you have to buy a membership for just $1 for a trial.

Finally, the monthly membership costs $47. While it’s not as expensive as some other courses, the process is extremely annoying, and you will have to go through a ton of upsells and long videos before getting to the point.

Super Affiliate System Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to the Super Affiliate System.

1. Commission Hero – Robby Blanchard

commission hero

Commission Hero is a course that claims to teach you how to make $1000 a day. The course is taught by Robby Blanchard, who is the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

The course teaches you how to find other people’s promotable products and advertise them on Facebook to convert the leads into sales and get a commission for each sale. It costs $997, although students can choose to make two payments of $597.

Click here to enroll in the Commission Hero course now!

2. 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing – Pat Flynn

123 affiliate marketing

1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn is also an affiliate marketing course that is video-based and takes you through a stepwise procedure of earning money through affiliate marketing. It allows you to ‘crack the code of monetization’ and earn money from your audience. The course costs $599, but you will have to spend extra money on email marketing software.

Get started with 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn Today!

3. Affiliate Bootcamp – Russel Brunson

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp is a virtual summit or course created by the co-founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. The course helps people improve their affiliate marketing skills to make an income out of this skill in just 100 days. Affiliate Bootcamp costs $997 RRP and spans over a period of 100 days in which the students learn how to build a landing page, set up Facebook ads, write converting emails, and build a community of spenders.

Click here to start your Affiliate Bootcamp today!

4. Stack That Money

Stack That Money is an affiliate marketing forum where affiliate marketers can network or learn from the more experienced individuals in the field. It costs $99 per month, and the cost for the forum is the main reason for it being free of low-quality posts and spam. You’re likely only to find true affiliate marketers here.

Start networking at Stack That Money today and learn from the pros in the industry.

5. Wealthy Affiliate – Kyle Louden and Carson Lim

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that offers students tools, coaching, video, and a helpful community forum to learn all about affiliate marketing. The starter membership costs $49 per month or $359 if you pay upfront for the whole year. It’s ideal for people who are just getting started.

Click here to get Wealthy Affiliate!

6. Cash Flow System Review – Tai Lopez

Cash Flow System is an affiliate marketing program by Tai Lopez, popular for Internet marketing, in which you can partner with him to promote and sell his products to earn a commission. He claims that people joining the program can earn anywhere between $2500 — $25,000 a month. The program costs $997, which is comparable to some other ventures of the sort.

Get started with Cash Flow System program today!

Our Verdict

Wrapping up, the Super Affiliate System is undoubtedly a legit affiliate marketing course that helps you get started in the field and start earning very early on in the process.

I definitely recommend this course to people who will stay dedicated to their cause and that are inclined to use all the free resources included in the course in the best possible way.

Get your copy of the Super Affiliate System now!
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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