ShopInspect Review 2022 – Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

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The key to a successful dropshipping business is finding winning products, this is where ShopInspect comes in handy, as it ensures you will save money and time by finding products in demand to scale your business quickly.

The dropshipping market is predicted to grow to 476.1 billion US dollars between 2021 and 2026.The billion-dollar market compels more people to turn to dropshipping. However, around 90% of dropshippers fail during the first month and become frustrated because their business doesn’t perform as expected.

In this guide, we will show you how ShopInspect’s features can help you to succeed:

ShopInspect Review – What is ShopInspect?


Consider you want to begin a dropshipping business, but if you have no idea about trending products, consumer interest, and high-performing niches, how do you expect to succeed?

Luckily, there are software tools that make the process easier for you.

ShopInspect – a wonderful spy tool – helps you find the most profitable and trending products to sell.

The software scoops more than 60 million products and 0.6 million Shopify stores and enables you to find the most demanding product.

ShopInspect analyzes data from Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR), Google Trends, price history, and over 2 million customer reviews from different sources, including AliExpress, Etsy, and eBay.

This valuable information gives you an insight into what the customers are interested in purchasing. Later, you can take steps to plan inventory purchases or set up drop shipping stores without struggling to find trending products.

Consider you want to sell Tie-Dye T-shirts. You can search for this keyword for products and shops, and ShopInspect will provide you with a detailed report.

The data will include useful information including:

  • Relevant keywords searched by your target audience.
  • How many average monthly web searches the item/product (Tie-Dye T-shirts) is receiving.
  • Products you can sell in-store.
  • Interest over time
  • The profit you can make with the products.

1. ShopInspect Features Solving Your Dropshipping Headaches

Not sure which Shopify stores perform the best and which products are more likely to sell? Well, not anymore with ShopInspect!

The software uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and eCommerce experts to help you find hot, viral products even before they go viral! Cool, isn’t it?

But how does it work? We’ll explore the key features of ShopInspect to help you understand how this tool works.

Clean Dashboard

A clean, straightforward dashboard is the key to any software. I mean, if the user interface is cluttered and you struggle to find desired tabs and options, how productive will the tool be for your business anyway?

Luckily, the ShopInspect tool takes care of your needs by offering a simple and easy-to-follow dashboard.

The tool displays a black bar on the left column to save you from the frustration of cluelessly navigating the website.

You can easily access any feature by moving your cursor to the left bar. It allows you to scroll through products, stores, ads and preview a snapshot of data, including the relevant information.

Hot Products

If you’ve just begun dropshipping and have no idea about the best-selling products, this feature is for you.

There’s an option, “Hot Products,” on the ShopInspect Dashboard. As you click the option, you’ll see a list of items with the highest factory orders – an insight into customer interests and preferences. Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Keyword cloud
  • The gender and age of customers purchasing a particular product.
  • Sales trend of the previous month.
  • Facebook Ad targeting interest.

Not only this, but the data also displays the selling price and the product sales increase.

Product Search

Want to sell a particular product and are unsure about the customer interest? This feature is for you.

Product search allows you to filter your search for a particular item. For instance, you can type “Tie-Dye T-Shirts,” into ShopInspect and you’ll see a specific search related to it.

The fun part? You can see the average monthly revenue and monthly visitors that the product is generating for a dropshipper.

So, this will give you a clue whether or not you should sell in a particular niche. You can set the filter at the top right corner of the page.

If you see no customer interest, low revenue, and no monthly visitors, we recommend you look for another winning product.

Demographics and Analytics

Not sure what to expect from profit margins and who to target? Demographics and Analytics will take care of that.

Just below the hot products, you can see demographics and analytics. This option helps you determine the best way to market the products you plan to sell.

The analytics will give you an idea about the shipping and supply cost, predict the item profit, suggest the selling price, and give recommendations for ad targeting. This works similar to the targeting selection for Facebook ads.

This feature gives you a hint about the right target audience and anticipated profit margins. Besides, the custom demographics tell you about the interest in a particular product and its popularity concerning specific gender and age.

Product Seasonality Indicator

Product seasonality indicator is just what its name suggests it to be. A few products experience a seasonal surge. For instance, winter coats won’t sell in the summer season, of course. But the search volume and customer interest would spike in the winter season.

Similarly, you won’t see anyone interested in purchasing Christmas items in the summer season. So, selling Jingle bells off-season won’t make you money.

The Product Seasonality Indicator feature scrapes the Google Trends data to give you an insight into the product interest over time. Further, it tells you whether or not it’s the right time to sell a particular product.

If you’re willing to sell “Face Masks,” the seasonality indicator will display a line graph showing how “Face Masks” performs in the web search.

A high search volume indicates more searches. Besides, you won’t only see the current data but also the volume percentile of the last two years.


AdInspect is yet another powerful feature to help you do smart business. You can type particular keywords or companies to find specific ads.

For instance, if you type “Cat leash,” you’ll come across a list of brands’ ads promoting cat leashes.

The videos will show what your competitors are up to. Besides, you also get to see the number of shares, comments, likes, age, and place with each video.

You can see the video, picture, and ad copy to determine what works for your business and what doesn’t.

What’s more, you can also filter the search by gender, age, media type, total likes, or daily likes.

In other words, you get to see recent ads and those that create the most engagement. This works very similar to BigSpy, a popular ad spy tool.

Customized Videos

Another cool feature of ShopInspect is that it allows you to create free or paid product videos. You can design a free video with most products to use for your ads.

Simply put, this software doesn’t only give you an insight into the latest products but also takes care of the graphics for you.

Just a few clicks and your video will be ready in minutes.

All you need to do is add headings and subheadings you’d want to include in your video and choose the products you want to display. Try it out now!

Smart Score

The smart score is called “smart” for a reason. It gives you an insight into the overall demand for a product keyword. Simply put, you get to know how high or low your chances are to generate sales for an item you wish to sell.

The score is designed on a scale of 1-100. The higher the score, the better the product, and the more chances you have to sell it.

The good thing is, the score not only calculates the number of monthly searches or the interest but also the number of competitors selling it.

So, a high score indicates two things:

  • High average monthly web searches for a specific item
  • Low competition

This feature alone speaks volumes about whether or not your product will succeed on the market.

Hot Shops

Hot shops is another ShopInspect feature that helps you gauge the likelihood of your dropshipping business success.

The button is located in the dashboard. Once you click on the option, you see the Shopify stores getting the most traffic.

Sneak into the store and see what it looks like in terms of theme and display. If you adjust your store accordingly, you may get the same traffic and earn some loyal customers.

Make sure you do not copy the exact theme but come up with something similar.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud displays a list of relevant words related to your search. That is, the feature tells you about the terms people have used to find a similar product on the market.

For instance, if you want to sell “cat toys,” people might have searched for “best cat toys for Scottish folds,” “cat toys for British shorthair,” “Cute cat toys,” “Soft cat toys for my cat,” and so on.

You might not have optimized your page for all these keywords. Once you know what your target audience is searching for, you can optimize your page accordingly.

2. ShopInspect Pricing and Free Trial


Good news for those willing to run a test trial!

ShopInspect allows you a 7-day free trial. Once the trial is over, you can upgrade to one or another paid plan. Don’t freak out, though; the plans are pretty affordable.

Let’s take a quick look at both paid plans.

Standard Plan

You can upgrade to the standard plan monthly or annually. Here’s the price for both.

Monthly subscription$16
Annual subscription$190

The standard plan allows you 10 searches per day for the following tabs.

  • AdInspect
  • Hot Trending Products
  • Shopify Product Search
  • Shopify Shop Search
  • Trending Shopify STores
  • Top Shopify Stores

Legendary Plan

You can upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription with the Legendary Plan. Here’s a quick look into pricing for both.

Monthly subscription$19
Annual subscription$228

The Legendary Plan features 250 searchers per day for the following tabs.

  • AdInspect
  • Hot Trending Products
  • Shopify Shop Search
  • Shopify Product Search
  • Trending Shopify Stores
  • Top Shopify Stores

250 searches for these many tabs seems doable for $18 monthly and $228 annually. I mean, this tool helps you to scale your dropshipping business so it’s worth paying for!

3. ShopInspect Advantages – The Things We Love About It

ShopInspect helps you boost your e-commerce game and outpace your competitors. Here are some things we love about this tool.

  • It allows you to search for the most trending and viral products on the market.
  • The AdInspect feature lets you keep an eye on your rivals’ ads.
  • Gives a graph determining the seasonality of a particular item and interest over time.
  • Lets you do smart business by indicating the search possibility of a particular keyword through Smart Score.
  • Lets you sneak into your competitor’s Shopify store.
  • Tells about the product page visitors and revenue.
  • Provides data about store visitors and revenue.
  • Gives an insight into the fastest-growing Shopify stores.
  • Provides you with demographic data filtered for a particular age group or gender.
  • Includes an affiliate program – in case you want to earn passive income.
  • Provides customer support via Facebook Messenger.
  • Delivers a list of updated hot products every few hours.
  • Lets you customize videos for your products.

Lastly, ShopInspect Learning teaches you the nitty-gritty of using this software. In fact, 78% of marketers make more profit alone by streaming ShopInspect Learning videos.

4. ShopInspect Disadvantages – Things We Don’t Like About It

Though the advantages outweigh the disadvantages since we want to give an unbiased review, here are a few things that we do not like about ShopInspect.

  • Costs for Premium videos are on the high end, each costing $97 to generate an HD video.
  • Facebook ad targeting interests are limited.
  • The standard plan only offers 10 searches per day.

5. Who Is ShopInspect For?

Though Dropshipping can be a profitable business, it’s of no good for you if you fail to sell the products.

So, if you plan to begin dropshipping or you’ve begun it and have no clue how to find trending products, ShopInspect is the right tool for you.

It helps you search for viral products, best-performing Shopify stores, and design product videos.

Moreover, it tells you about the interest in a product over time and lets you filter product searches based on demographics like age, gender, and region.

If you have not been successful with dropshipping, ShopInspect will save the day. You no longer have to struggle with finding winning products; the tool handles that for you.

Besides that, it’s great for beginners seeking low-cost options since the pricing plans are affordable.

6. Who Is ShopInspect Not For?

ShopInspect is not for you if you are a seasoned dropshipper who has already established a presence in the market.

While we do not say you won’t benefit from it, it may not pique your interest since it has all the basic dropshipping features that you already might have a grip on.

If you use other expensive dropshipping tools, you might not be intrigued to use ShopInspect.

7. Customer Experiences

Experts say if you want to know about the authenticity of a particular brand and its software, read the customer reviews.

Customer experiences reveal whether or not a company lives up to its promises and claims. So, while ShopInspect inarguably offers affordable features to scale your dropshipping business, do they work, too?

Let’s see what customers say about it.

Rick Sendler, a Dropshipping Entrepreneur, says:


Here are other satisfied customers:


Based on our own experiences which are in line with these Customer reviews, we think that ShopInspect can be a helpful tool for dropshippers making their way in the eCommerce industry.

ShopInspect Alternatives

While ShopInspect does a great job finding you trending products and giving you insight into competitors’ stores to help you adjust your store accordingly, there are several other tools, too.

Below, we’ll review some great ShopInspect alternatives.



FindNiche helps you analyze more than 2 million AliExpress products in 11,000 categories.

Besides that, it also covers more than 70,000 Shopify stores. Its key features include Big Data Analysis, Smart Product Picking, Best Performing Niches, and Individual Product Performance.

Here’s what you can do with FindNiche.

  • Find the most popular products on Shopify and AliExpress.
  • Get to know about the less popular products in high-margin niches.
  • Learn about the dropshipping opportunities, trending stores, and new e-commerce competition.
  • Get to know about your competitors and fellow dropshippers in a niche similar to yours.


FindNiche offers a 3-day free trial for $1. You can then upgrade to Elite, Premium, or VIP Enterprise for $35, $59, and $199, respectively.


  • Great for beginners
  • Gives you valuable product data to make product decisions.
  • The data is easy to filter and export.
  • Gives Ad insights from several platforms, including Facebook.
  • Unlimited Shopify store update.
  • Provides a graph about individual product performance and interest over time.
  • Shopify Product Scout
  • AliExpress Products Scout
  • Unlimited Daily queries


  • Limited products

Click here to get started with

2. Sell The Trend


Sell The Trend allows you to find profitable dropshipping products. The tool collects data by checking trending items on Amazon and inspects high-performing AliExpress and Shopify stores.

Its main features include The Nexus, Explorers, My Stores, Engagement Rating Calculator, Video Creator, Facebook Audience Builder, and more.


The tool offers a 7-day free trial to let you explore several software features. Later, you can upgrade to one or another pricing plan.

The monthly plan costs you $39. However, if you switch to a yearly subscription, the monthly cost is $32.7 per month.


  • You can access millions of winning products, popular Shopify stores, and new products from the database.
  • Lets you spy on all the popular Shopify stores selling the relevant product.
  • Allows you to create videos for your product
  • Lets you import the products with one click
  • You can filter the product by videos, niches, categories, star rating, sold products, and more.
  • User-friendly interface


  • A few training programs are paid
  • A 7-day trial is not enough, particularly for those new to dropshipping

Get started with Sell The Trend today.



Thieve was launched by Tim Scullin and his friends from New Zealand in 2015. The tool is an online inventory of hot products and suppliers on AliExpress.

It helps you find a list of products in different niches and categories. Note that this tool has been designed with AliExpress users in mind, so Shopify users will not benefit from it.

Pricing allows you to start a 5-day free trial. Later, you have to upgrade to the standard or pro version for $29 or $99 monthly or $278 and $950 annually.


  • Lets you find more than 4,000 winning products listed by bloggers, designers, and eCommerce experts.
  • Collects real-time data from consumer interactions to improve your conversion scores.
  • Allows you to create beautiful product pages
  • Helps you find the best suppliers for any product
  • Gives you an insight into more than 200,000 dropship stores and ranks them by traffic and sales.


  • Limited features compared to other dropshipping software
  • The pro version is slightly expensive for the features

Click here to try out today.

Our Verdict

Small businesses with limited products might fail to succeed in the eCommerce market. However, dropshipping opens up more product opportunities, low start-up costs, and minimum financial risks.

You can successfully create a business and earn more revenue through dropshipping without owning any of the inventory. If you want to try your luck with dropshipping, ShopInspect can be a great complement to your efforts.

Instead of wasting your time trying to find the trending products and guess its audience’s demographics – try this tool and make your life easier. You’ll find several features, all in one place, to help you succeed on your dropshipping journey.

Get started with ShopInspect today!

Looking for a tool to support your Amazon e-Commerce venture? Then check out our AMZScount review.

Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz
Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.


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Mandy Schmitz is a freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods and more. Join me here on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest product & software reviews.

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